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18 Creative Things To Do for Back to School

Are you ready for back to school?  If not, I’ve got you covered on what to make to prepare for the first day of school.  Here are 18 creative things to do for back to school including activities for kids, traditions, parties, printables, home made meet the teacher gifts, and even a few backpack make overs!

Back to School Celebration Ideasback to school party

1.  TomKat Studios Back to School party – This is actually an event Kim hosted for Pottery Barn Kids, but I just adore all the fun elements, colors, and of course printables!  There’s plenty of inspiration here to throw a back to school bash for your kiddos and their friends.


2.  Back to School Bash – Sack lunches for the kiddos and gourmet sandwiches and salad “just for moms.”  Pencil boxes to hold her delicious ricotta cookies and the table was decorated with the most adorable ribbon garland.

School Notebook Paper Party

3.  School Notebook Paper Party – I just love all the fun details in the back to school celebration using notebook paper and yellow pads.

Activities for Kids

Wheels on the Bus Activity

4.  Wheels on the Bus Activity – Marie crafted this fun school bus to help get her daughter ready and excited for school.

Back to School Fairy

5.  Back to School Fairy – The Back to School Fairy wrote a fun note {with her left hand} and dropped off a fun package on the front porch after the doorbell mysteriously rang.

O-FISH-ally 2nd Graders

6.  O-FISH-ally 2nd Graders – Pack your child a little baggie of goldfish crackers with a fun note welcoming them into their new grade.

back to school candy gram

7.  Hey Smartie Pants {printable} – Here’s a fun lunch box note that you can attach a package of smarties too.  It says, “Hey There SMARTIE PANTS.  Hope your first day is going great!”

Notebook Cover Tutorial

8.  Notebook Cover Tutorial – This is a great pictured tutorial on how to cover a plain notebook. This would make a great gift or just something fun to make for your tween/teen.

Backpack Make Overs

Butterfly Backpack  Tutorial

9.  Butterfly Backpack  Tutorial – How to create and add butterfly wings to a backpack for your little cutie for school.

How to jazz up an old back pack

10.  How to jazz up an old back pack – Create fabric for ruffles and fabric flowers and let you daughter design her own back pack design and then sew them on.

Boys Back to School Backpack Make Over

11.  Boys Back to School Backpack Make Over – A great tutorial {win printables} on how to turn a shabby clearanced back pack into something more fun~

Free Printables

Back 2 School Countdown Printable

12.  Back 2 School Countdown Printable – This is also a great thing to use if you have year round school and want to help your kiddos keep track of their school tracks.

Back to School Labels

13.  Back to School Labels {printable}- Print out these darling labels for books, pencils, lunch bags, and anything else.

free Printable Back to School Subway Art

14.  Free Printable Back to School Subway Art – Here is a cute little printable to get you back into the school mode.  Printable size is 11×14. Use it to decorate your home or a fun back to school bash.

first day of school snack mix

15.  Back to School Snack Mix {printable} – You attach the poem to the snack mix and BAM…you’ve got an awesome treat to have waiting for your newbies during your back to school night!  There are several different printable versions for the girls and boys and even an ipod version.

Meet The Teacher Gift Ideas

First Day Survival Kit

16.  First Day Survival Kit – This is a darling meet-the-teacher gift as it’s a  first-aid-kit for the teacher with supplies.

Home made Teacher Gift

17.  Thanks For Helping Me Grow – Teachers absolutely help our children grow and learn so much, this is a fun way to gift a plant as well as express just how grateful you are.

crayon wreath tutorial

18.  Crayon Wreath Tutorial – This was an end of the school year teacher gift, but if you already happen to know your teachers name this would be a darling surprise for her/him.  Or you can make a simpler version without their name like this one.

More Back to School Activities:

I hope that gives you a few ideas on what you can do to hide your ironing board. {wink} If you have a darling room over on your blog, we’d love to see it! Feel free to leave the blog link in the comments or on the Tip Junkie Facebook page. Or if you’re looking for a specific theme, let me know! I’ll be happy to find it for you. {{I’ve got your back!}}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

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  1. Alexis (The Exhausted Mom)

    Love it! Especially the dop kits with treats for the teacher. As a teacher, think this would be a great back to school gift!

  2. tai

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so so much for featuring my butterfly bookbag! I feel totally famous! I love that crayon wreath too!!

  3. Irene Degregorio

    Wow, you have certainly got it covered. I have shown the backpack ideas to my two daughters and they are right on to it.

  4. Brittany

    These are all great ideas! 🙂

  5. Kimberly

    Love this list of ideas! There are soooo many it would be hard to choose which ones to try out. I think one of my favorites is the Back to School Fairy idea.

  6. Tammy/FancieStrands

    Totally love the Jazzed up old Backpack!

  7. Jamie

    I love these back to school ideas! This is really fun and exciting. I especially love the back pack Butterfly Backpack Tutorial and Boys Back to School Backpack Make Over! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Mark

    Great ideas here, and I love how you encourage kids to go back to school..

  9. Macy

    Thank you SO much for featuring my Back 2 School printable! I was so excited I called my hubby at work!

  10. Rachel

    I love your ideas. It can make a kid excited to go back to school! The butterfly back pack is so cute.

  11. JAF Gifts

    The backpack makeovers are very inspiring! I especially love the butterfly one; it’s so pretty and would appeal to a lot of little girls! 🙂

    The School Notebook Paper Party is also so cute! Ah, the things you can do with paper. Endless! You just need a dash of creativity and everything can be made grand!

  12. Traci

    Cute ideas! <3 Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  13. Barb

    Love your blog. So many great ideas. Im new to blogging and having a blast

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    This blog is simply amazing! For sure I’ll be implementing a lot of these ideas in my class.

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    thanks for the great ideas!!

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    You are every crafty mom’s hero…we are humbled to be featured. Thanks for mentioning our crayon wreath. Luv and Smiles, Jo and Shelley!

  17. Ashley

    I just finished the Crayon wreath and cannot WAIT for the last day of school to give it to my daughter’s preschool teacher! Thank you for the adorable idea! I hope she loves it as much as I do 🙂

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  19. Tula

    Hello, could you tell me the directions for making the teacher wreath?

  20. adrienne woods

    Thanks so much for the feature. I love all the ideas you have compiled. I may have to use a few for my kiddos this coming year. Thank you! I {Heart} Tip Junkie!

  21. Michelle

    I love these ideas. I think my favorite is the back to school fairy bag. What did you put in it?

  22. steph

    Is there a particular recipe for the snack mix?

  23. Michelle

    I did this for an end of year gift for both of my son’s teachers and aides, but instead of real flowers, I made tulips out of the kids hands in the class. I used green pipe cleaners as the stems. THEY LOVED IT!! it was a cheap gift too, which is great for those of us with multiple children in school!

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