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34 Amazing Paper Plate Crafts for Kids!


  1. Shirley

    Oh how cute!

  2. Daniwheeler2330

    Hey…I am new to this as of five mins ago. I need help finishing an idea I have for my sons party. He loves elephants, so I decided to throw him a blue elephant party. So I decided to hand make elephants out of velt so the kids can accessorise and put them on their shirts. I can find great stuff for girls but nothing for boys. Any ideas on how I can find hats, ties, earrings, tatoo… Ect.
    Please email me or respond [email protected]

  3. Cheska Hunt

    This is really cute and fabulous! I love the artistic crafts and kids would surely enjoy.

  4. Chinnu

    These are so adorable!!
    Thanks for this post!

  5. kathy

    love all the ideas.

  6. Vonnie

    I am so impressed with the simplicity and ingenuity of these crafts. I have 2 grandchildren ages 2 & 5. This wonderful sight has crafts that fit that wide age range. Thank you so much.

  7. Bren

    Thanks…. Am gonna send this to my daughter, already saved it on my computer for when my grandkids visit.

  8. family entertainment

    These are really great ideas for kids to do fun. In these ideas their parents will also be busy to make crafts and design. It’s really amazing.

    family entertainment

  9. Barb T.

    These are great. I was hoping someone would publish something like this. My grandkids love to do crafts with paper and paper plates.


  10. Carol Lucas

    Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Zoe Paul

    Excellent ideas that trigger imagination! Well Done and Carry on your amazing and lovely project!

  12. Fran Rothrock

    Thanks for sharing great paper plate ideas. I can’t wait to share this with a friend who will be teaching PreK in Aug. I am sure she will find the ideas very helpful.

  13. krishna

    thanking u for a simple and super idea

  14. Sarah @ ActivityHero

    What fun ideas!

  15. sowmya

    It’s very good talent u dune. In my son school this activity is there so kindly mail me how to do a reindeer holder.

  16. raplus3

    If you click on the highlighted title next to #35 it will take you directly to the blog post with the tutorial ūüôā

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