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About Laurie Turk {The Tip Junkie}

About Laurie Turk {The Tip Junkie}

Welcome to Tip Junkie

Hi, I’m Laurie {aka the Tip Junkie} and every day you’ll be inspired with creative projects, craft DIY ideas, and homemade tutorials. From home decor, entertaining, birthday parties, gift ideas, giveaways, Mom-preneur products, and more!

Crafty DIY Ideas, Creative Homemade Tutorials, and Tips

I’m all about the “little guy” or girl in this case. {{wink}} I want to promote women who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity. I want to tell the world about woman-owned  products who don’t know how to market them on their own. I want to give each woman an opportunity to be featured, to share their voice, be heard, and validated.

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Laurie Turk the Tip Junkie

About Laurie Turk

Laurie Turk is a creative soul who has a passion for embellishing life.  She lives in Dallas, is a mom to 3 boys, cruise director for her family, and all around girly-girl. Her focus is to create moments that matter for herself, her man, and her children.

She launched Executive Homemaker in 2006 which has over 600 printables for busy moms. Which she later re-branded as Tip Junkie Printables. Laurie loves to promote creative women through their fabulous ideas and products with Tip Junkie that features the best tips and tricks from everyday women.

To meet the need of affordable advertising for Mom-prenuers she co-founded Chic Chick Media and Buy Mom Made.com.

Laurie’s Speaking Engagements:

SITScation ’09– Create Your Own Blogging Experience
BlissDom ’10 – Connecting Your Community of Readers
Bloggy Boot Camp – Phoenix ’10 – Mom-preneur Track
EVO ’10 – The Evolution of Community
The Creative Connection Event ’10 – Social Media Correspondent
Bloggy Boot Camp – Austin ’10 – Bloggers Tool Kit

Laurie’s Interviews:

ShePosts – About Being a Mom-prenuer
Girlfriendology – MomTV Blogcast
iLash Girls – Celebrate Interview
Mom Casting Video – A new reality TV show about mom bloggers is in the works and this is Laurie’s video submission.

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  1. shay

    Laurie…you’re beautiful, amazing, talented, selfless…all rolled up into one! I’m so impressed at your efforts to help promote ideas and products that help us ‘become’ and ‘be’ better women. So Thank You! My girlfriend met you at blogapalooza…I was at WC, and a little jealous I didn’t get to meet ‘THE’ tip junkie! Thank you for your dedication.

  2. Amy

    I love your blog (TipJunkie) and your personal one. I have only just begun blogging, so as soon as I am up and running more smoothly I will have some things to send your way. Thank you for doing what you do and allowing us all to partcipate. The giveaway is awesome and a great way to promote those who deserve it. Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Summer

    I think your blog is great!

  4. Melissa

    You are so beautiful in every way. Thanks for getting me hooked!!!

  5. Lynne

    Hi Laurie! Thank you so much for this creative and inspiring blog! I love to read all the ideas that other bloggers share through you! I applaud all your efforts to enrich all our lives with such creative fun!
    PS- I’m loving the 20 days of giveaways! {{wink wink}} 🙂

  6. Karen Madden

    Hey Laurie: I LOVE Tip Junkie! I stumbled across it somehow/someway, I can’t even remember and you are now my mojo with my coffee! I get my cup out while the house is still asleep and love reading thru all you do! Thanks for featuring my tip on scrapbook napkin rings! Take care and keep up the good work!

  7. Jen

    And we LOVE and APPRECIATE you! Thanks for all you do to make my life easier!!

  8. Quinceyface

    Without a doubt my favorite items are the baby frames and initials. Really a great idea for a gift. Deanna

  9. Pam Hawk

    Love your blog, love the tips, and love the great community you have developed.
    ? ? ?

  10. passion2sew (Lalli)

    Hi, I am a new blogger. Just saw your blog and I really loved it. Thank you for all the information you share, I would love to add your blog. 🙂

  11. realworldmartha

    I just love the layout of your blog. I would love to know more about it, if it’s not top secret info.

    Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

  12. Jen

    I’ve looked at your blog here several times, usually upon suggestions from friends, and didn’t realize until today that I knew you! How silly! Glad to see you are doing well. Thanks for all your hard work on this site and for all the fun items shown here!

  13. Christine

    love your blog. I’ve added your button to mine. blessings!

  14. Adorn Me jewelry

    Laurie, I hope your back is feeling better and is healing nicely.

    Do you have a button for the Shopathon for my blog? I still have the holiday one there. 🙂

    Thanks, and take care!


    Thank you.I am Turkish.I following your blog.Very much and fascinating.I learning English.
    Good day.

  16. desi

    I have a question. I thought I saw it on your blog as a button, but I can’t find it now. I’m looking for a person who paints your favorite pictures/photographs. Do you have any idea? Thanks for your time.

  17. Braggin' Rights

    I have something for you on my blog, & just wanted to let you know- because I get so much out of your blog!:

    ~Tracy 🙂

  18. Dee

    I love the idea of sharing tips. Also the term “Executive Homemaker” is a gem. I am adding this to my blogroll. I mean really, who doesn’t love tips?

  19. Summer

    I love your site. The only thing I wish was different was being able to tell if a giveaway was open to canadians or not. Its time consuming to click each one and go to the blog and read all through to find out . I love this blog but that would make me visit here more often for sure.

    Thank you! 🙂

  20. Sylvia

    I have been looking at your pages a little closer and wow! I love the comments that others have left for you. It really makes a statement about who you are and what your purpose is. I have tried to add buttons to my blog but they are not showing up all the time. How do you do that? I am learning a little everyday but often get frustrated. I want your button to show up everyday. Any suggestions?

  21. Pink Martini and Pearls

    Today is my birthday and by coincidence I received your Moments That Matter ebook and I had to share with you how life affirming it was for me! I too have boys and am a girly girl and you hit on so many key points for me. It’s all about empowering ourselves and enjoying the moment isn’t it? Thank you, Laurie. Your wisdom was a wonderful gift waiting for me in my in box today! 🙂 xoxo

  22. Amy B.

    Laurie I just read your intro in the book and loved it! Can’t wait to read more! As a (constantly) recovering perfectionist I’m all about embracing the quirks that make our families so much fun! 🙂

    Thanks again!

  23. Laurie

    Yes! She is Arian from http://www.picturetoportrait.com/ {Picture to Portrait}. She’s completely lovely.

  24. Laurie

    That’s a great suggestion. I will be sure to add that feature in the new overhaul of the Giveaway Directory.

  25. Laurie

    Sylvia – Send me over the code you are using and I’ll be happy to take a look at it for you. {{wink}} laurie at tip junkie dot com {no spaces}

  26. Lorraine S.

    Laurie do you happen to know a good supply store for Homecoming Mums in Dallas or Tarrant county?

  27. Laurie

    Unfortunately, I don’t but I’d be happy to ask around.

  28. Moni

    You have a lovely site! I’ll be back to visit again.

  29. Lisa

    Hi there! I just found your web site, and am thrilled:) I’m recently unemployed, so I’m sure I’ll be visiting here alot…there seems to be so much to look at! I should get started:)

  30. KARI


  31. Beverlee Mossman

    Hi Laurie
    First I want to thank you so much again for all you share and all you do for myself an many others

    I have one of your badges on my blog. I plan on starting to blog something new to me but I am very excited Hope you will stop by my blog.

    Ok I have one questions I am not sure how to subscribe to all of you area’s ??? I have you on my facebook account and on my blog, and also signed up for your newsletter. I received you awesome welcome Also I believe that I have joined your valentine blog But I am not sure

    I am trying get your latest Valentine pkg but I am unable to get it to work so? Any help you might be able to give me I would greatly appreciate it.

    I will sign up any place that I have not jet with you and also I am going to let all of my friends also know about you and your kindness

    Thank You so much hugs to you

    Bev (Beverlee Mossman)

  32. Amanda Boykin

    Thank you so much for all of your fabulous advice! I LOVE this site!!

    Amanda Boykin
    Petal Pusher’s Wreaths & Designs

  33. Kymbrlee from Mom It Forward

    I love your crafty gift ideas for under $10, totally awesome.

  34. Erin Spain

    Love your blog! Thanks for all the great ideas.


  35. MamaDoodleB

    I’m trying to read the FAQ section but it keeps redirecting me to the home page. This makes me sad. 🙁

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