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Pretty Fabric Bin Organization {5 free patterns}

Organization tips on how to use these 5 pretty fabric bin patterns for a more beautiful and organized home.  Use the box to hold virtually anything like craft supplies, TV remotes, books, and more!  Turn the box from boring into a fabric bin that will also bring a warm and cozy feeling into your home as well as show off your personal style.



Lined Canvas Bin Made From Diaper Boxes – In dire need of a bin or new containers for the built-in shelves in our living room to hold things like DVD’s and remotes, a diaper box had precisely the dimensions.  Here they are all gussied up!

Burlap Bin for Kitchen Storage – Darling burlap covered cardboard boxes leftover from a move and cut them down to the height of the space above the kitchen cabinets. A great way to make the box pretty!

The Box

the box

Fabric Scrap Basket Tutorial –  A very simple free pattern on how to make the box into a darling fabric bin or scrap basket.


The Box
Organization with circular drawstring boxes
–  Darling nesting round fabric box that have drawstrings to fully encase your items inside.

Stack & Nested Quilted Blocks Pattern – Use this pattern to make a set of four soft blocks that can be stacked, nested or used for storage and organization in the box.

More Organization Ideas:

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  1. Wendi Gratz

    My blog is ALL sewing (and embroidery) tutorials – and patterns designed to practice the skills learned in each lesson. I have a new sewing tutorial every week and loads of free patterns. The site is http://www.shinyhappyworld.com.

    Love those nesting quilt block cubes. . .

  2. Kelly B

    Those were absolutely beautiful and functional too!!! What a dream! I am definitely going to keep those great ideas in mind. 🙂

  3. Judith Ann

    Laurie, have I told you lately that you’re the bomb? We can always rely on you to help us find exactly what we’re looking for; you’re right up there with Goggle, babe!
    All the best from Cape Cod — where (sigh) we had three inches of snow last night. (Spring on Cape Cod: January, February, March, March, March, March, JULY!!!)
    Judith Ann

  4. Krystine

    I love your site! I’ve been a huge fan for years! Thank you for doing all this great work to make it easy for us to find great stuff, it really is appreciated!


  5. Sinea

    These boxes are the best! I love creative organizing…keeping things neat and pretty all at the same time.

  6. [email protected]

    This is one of my all time favorite posts! I love to recycle/re-purpose things – especially when it comes to organizing. This project is on my creative time to-do list!
    Perhaps you could be a guest post and inspire my followers with this project?

  7. [email protected] Accessories

    How timely, hubby and I has a project for kids room.He will make a wood study table for kids.I was thinking when we plan this, coz we know boys is so messy most of the time.Crayons and pencil everywhere.
    Having this box in their table it is easy for them to put crayons and pencil they use.
    Wow! I love this idea.thank

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