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Boy Room Ideas

Since I showcased girl rooms yesterday, I thought I would give you some boy room decor ideas today. However, I’m sick and not feeling very well, so unfortunately there won’t be very many. 🙁

I think what makes a great boy room is the wall color and design. You don’t need to be a professional painter to pull off these looks.

I’ve got to convince one of my 3 boys to have a super hero room! That wall is painted using geometric shapes and about 4 colors.

Take a look at that wall paint! I never would have thought to do a mural in more like a “shadow”. This would be so doable, especially if you got the dinosaurs in vinyl first, and then match the paint color to the vinyl color.

This is a little busy for my taste, but I really like the initials and pictures above the bed. I also love the stripes – very cool that they switched the colors at the windo to give each child their own identity.

My friend painted camouflage in her son’s room and it turned out amazing. My friend did the camouflage on the bottom 1/2 of the wall, but I really like it on this closet wall as well. The black stripe is chalk board paint

This is my oldest son’s room, a rocket room. He wants to be an astronaut and is obsessed with space. I traced the rockets and planets from the quilt and made paper templates. I painted the ceiling navy blue and then used a stencil for the stars and planets.

My other 2 boys share a room, for now. Dylan choose a sports room but I wanted it to be elegant like a nursery. So this was our compromise, white bead board w/ a red chair rail and blue on top. I turned that round light from IKEA into a baseball using navy yarn and a red sharpie.

I really like this photo collage! I can totally imagine this done with my boys artwork and/or sports pictures. FYI: You can get the vinyl lettering on Executive Homemaker.

I’ve got to go to take some medicine and get in bed. Hopefully you’ve been inspired by these amazing boy rooms.

Remember, if you have a room you’d like to show off, like My son’s room, upload your pictures to Executive Homemaker.com.


  1. Jaime

    I love these ideas! Especially the superhero one. Tip junkie is awesome! Sorry you’re sick. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Robyn

    VERY COOL ideas!

  3. Amanda K

    Your blog is so cute and covers so many ideas! I love these rooms and their decore… cute. cute. cute!

  4. andrea j

    Very cute boys rooms! Thanks for the ideas. I am not creative as far as decorating, so it’s always fun to see what others do.

    We are hoping to get a new house soon and it would be fun to make the boys rooms cute like that.

  5. Jane and Jim

    I hope you’re feeling better – the boys rooms are *almost* as cute as the girls!

  6. Andrea

    My son wants his room to be like the camo room…..any way you could send my email to your friend with the camo room so that I could get tips on the colors that she used???? It would, I am sure, save me a small mint in getting the wrong paint colors…….

  7. Jenny

    Wow! I love the boys room… gave me some great ideas for when Max is ready for a big boy room!

  8. Cross Stitch Fan

    Wow! Truly marvelous decorating ideas. Thanks for such a great Blog!

  9. Jenn

    Get feeling better and thanks for the idea’s.

  10. Sarah

    My son loves dinosaurs, and would adore that Dino room. Where did you find those Dino quilts? They would work wonderfully on his bunkbeds!

  11. Maria

    I would love love love to do the Camo in my son’s room. I don’t have the slightest clue where to start or how to do it. Any tips???

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