Kid Friendly Recipes141

Eggo Turkey Lunch {how-to}

Rachelle Brancato
Eggo Turkey Lunch {how-to} How fun is this turkey lunch?! Your kids will get a kick out it and I'm sure they will "gobble" it down! {… continue reading

Candy corn flower cookies

Cake Whiz
These FUN cookies are decorated with candy corns into the shape of a flower. It only took me a few minutes to make them and they loo… continue reading

Waffle Nutella Football Snacks {food crafts for kids}

Rachelle Brancato
Waffle Nutella Football Snacks {food crafts for kids} These easy and delicious waffle nutella football snacks are sure to bring a smi… continue reading

Veggie Skeleton {appetizer}

Rachelle Brancato
Veggie Skeleton {appetizer} Halloween treats don't all have to be sugary and spooky. Here is a fun and healthy idea that uses all na… continue reading

Twinkie Ice Cream Cake

Don't just have a Twinkie! Have a Twinkie + Ice Cream = Cake! You can make it with strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, or any other of you… continue reading

Trix Treats

Get the kids involved in making their treats! Replace Rice Crispies with Trix for a fun and colorful treat!… continue reading

Kiwi apple smoothie with a teddy bear

Easy to make, nutritive smoothie made of kiwi, apple and yogurt. Served with a cute little kiwi bear. Delicious and healthy drink for a … continue reading

Sweet Popcorn

Kelly at Smart! School {House}
Are you ever in the mood for sweet popcorn? Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn adds just the perfect amount of sweet to your popcorn (and it's… continue reading

Spring garden dessert

Sweet spring garden on your plate! This cute frozen treats are made of fruits, yogurt and some chocolate. Perfect dessert idea for sprin… continue reading