Rolo Monsters Family

Cake Whiz
This family of cute and "sprinkly" MONSTERS is made with Rolo candies. They are easy and fun to make and kids can eat munch on a few… continue reading

Edible potted plants

Cake Whiz
Serve chocolate pudding as a potted plant. This is a fun activity to do with kids and you can even teach them about plants. Not to m… continue reading

Candy Bar Bouquet

My husband is so wonderful and gets me roses at least once a year for Valentine's Day, our Anniversary or my birthday., and I love them.… continue reading

Chili's knockoff Chocolate Molten Cake

One of my favorite things to have when going out to eat is the dessert! Chili’s Chocolate Molten Cake has always been one of my favorit… continue reading

Chocolate basket

Cake Whiz
An edible CHOCOLATE basket with a simple weave pattern. You can make as many of these as you like AND as big or small as you like. … continue reading

Modeling chocolate

Cake Whiz
Modeling chocolate is very easy to make with only 2 ingredients! And it tastes SOOOO good... just like tootsie rolls! You can roll i… continue reading

Chocolate Christmas Mice

Holly White-Wolfe
Christmas mice are a fun, novel holiday treat. Gather the kids in the kitchen for this crafty project, and quickly prepare eight – sixte… continue reading

Homemade TWIX Bars

Sarah @MissCandiquik
Just like a Twix candy bar - only better! Way better... It begins with a shortbread cookie layer, topped with a smooth, creamy caramel … continue reading

Bacon and Egg Chocolates

Chanda Nielsen
I laughed right out loud when I say these cute little treats.   I like bacon and eggs, but I like salty chocolate even more!  And since … continue reading