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$600 Rivet & Sway Eyewear for Women {giveaway} Package

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rivet & Sway.  What is Rivet & Sway?  It's the most FABULOUS online eyewear … continue reading

Quick and Easy In-Wash Scent Boosters

This easy-to-make homemade laundry product is just what you need to fight stubborn odors, or simply add extra fragrance to your everyday… continue reading

Beaded Tree height 50 cm

a beautiful beaded tree made with gypsum root! find the image tutorials on … continue reading

Constellation Scarf

An easy to make constellation scarf using a simple black scarf, white embroidery floss, and silver beads. Make your wardrobe out of this… continue reading

A beautiful flower made from a thin ribbon

Have you found yourself trying to make a beautiful flower to decorate your handbag, tunic or quilt, and you simply CAN’ T make it becaus… continue reading

How to gift apps?

With graduation season approaching, it is time to think about gratuation gifts. One thing that is getting more and more popular is to s… continue reading

How To Gather Fabric with a Serger

Serger owners ~ did you know you can gather fabric with your serger. Imagine the possibilities: no more tangled, knotted gathering thr… continue reading

handmade wedding glasses

Originally and tastefully decorated wedding glasses can add a festive day of exquisite charm and create the atmosphere of romance and te… continue reading

How to embed a quiz on blogger and blogspot ?

Hi everyone here i suggest you to that how to embed a quiz on blogger and blogspot by the following steps of proprofs you can embed you… continue reading