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Easter chicks

These adorable little chicks are funny and simple to make. It is a great idea for an Easter snack that will be for sure a hit with your … continue reading

DIY Panoramic Easter Eggs

Chanda Nielsen
I LOVED these as a kid! I was always fascinated at how they got the detailed scenes into the tiny opening in the egg. Now you can make y… continue reading

Add Fruit To A Floral Arrangement

Chanda Nielsen
Crafty food does not necessarily mean you always have to eat it. Check out how a few apples spruced up this flower arrangement. If you… continue reading

Sugar Dahlias Tutorial

Chanda Nielsen
These GORGEOUS Dahlias made from icing are so beautiful, I had to look twice to believe they weren't real flowers. And even though they… continue reading

How To Make Gelatin Bubbles

Chanda Nielsen
These gelatin bubbles are a bit time consuming, but the finished product is SOOO cool. These edible bubbles are ideal for cupcake toppe… continue reading

Potato Stamp Chevron Art

Chanda Nielsen
Potato Stamp Chevron Art Sometimes the best kitchen tools are really "tools" at all.  And crafty food doesn't get much craftier than mak… continue reading

Fruit Chandelier {Edible Decor}

Chanda Nielsen
Whether you are surprising the kids with this rockin' after school snack or using it as a centerpiece at your next party, this fruit cha… continue reading

Gumball Topiary {Kids Crafts to Make}

Lorie A
Gumball Topiary {Kids Crafts to Make} These cute gumball topiaries are a fun party craft for kids to make.  These green gumball topiarie… continue reading

Edible Nativity {Edible Crafts}

Lorie A
Edible Nativity {Edible Crafts} Creating gingerbread houses has always been a popular holiday tradition, but the Paquette family stays c… continue reading