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Cleaning Products You Already Have at Home

Madison Welch
At your home you probably have enough products that could replace any expensive cleaning detergent and you don't even suspect. So why no… continue reading

Tips for First-Time Bikers

Sally Wilkinson
If you have just bought yourself a motorbike and you are getting ready to take to the road, then there is a lot that you need to keep in… continue reading

How to store pumpkin flesh

Petro Neagu
Don’t let those beautiful pumpkins go to waste once fall is over! Learn how to store pumpkin flesh so you can enjoy their delicious bene… continue reading

How to clean your wooden cutting board

Petro Neagu
Disinfect and revitalize your wooden cutting boards without weakening the wood fibers with a simple and effective method. Here’s how to … continue reading

How to: Create a beautiful picture frame out of an old window!

Tarah Lynn
I’m sure, like everyone who has ever had a wedding, you understand how I ended up with a lot of leftover pictures that didn’t make the c… continue reading

My Grandma’s white cabinets get a face lift in our kitchen!

Tarah Lynn
My entire childhood my grandma’s entryway was always an interesting place. It was part of the screened-in-porch that wrapped entirely ar… continue reading

How to build your own rolling pantry

Tarah Lynn
I knew from the very beginning with Grandma’s house that the kitchen would end up being a bit of a galley. At first I leaned to using th… continue reading

How to build all of your kitchen cabinets

Tarah Lynn
How I built almost all of our kitchen cabinets out of 2x4s and 1x4s, mostly scrap left over from our renovation!… continue reading

How to convert a buffet into a bathroom vanity

Tarah Lynn
This post is actually going to be a combination tips & tutorials and a before & after because I managed to find a before picture of this… continue reading
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