Free Materials for your craft

Hello my friends! Everyone want free materials for their craft work! but how to get them? Start using this website http://www.neobu… continue reading

How to save money on gift cards

Steph Thomas
Hey! I've got a tip for saving on Gift cards. Use a website like Cardnap ( ) to find the most heavily discou… continue reading

Giveaway: Nintendo DSi from GameStop {{Closed}}

Our friends at GameStop are excited because they are now offering the super popular Nintendo DSi for only $149.99.  Whoohoo!!!  To celeb… continue reading

Welcome Creative Connection Attendees!

A huge welcome to everyone who is visiting from the The Creative Connection Event. I am one of the official Social Media Correspondents… continue reading

The Yummiest Pesto Recipe {Potluck}

Going to group socials or a church potluck dinner is always a good time.  However, I'm always agonizing on what to make.  Recently, my … continue reading

The Creative Connection Event {This Weekend}

Hey Ladies! I have two really cool events that you might want to know about. The first is that I'm one of the official social media cor… continue reading

Welcome Lyndsee with Scentsy!

Please give a warm welcome to Tip Junkie’s newest sponsor, Scentsy Wickless Candles from Lyndsee.  She's a long time supporter of Tip … continue reading

A Quick Shout Out {hola!}

I'm sure that just like in your home, summer has been wet 'n wild.  Mine has been crazy but fun.  I love to promote women and there are … continue reading

Chic Click Carnival - Fabulous New Peeps

Chic Click Carnival This is not simply a linky party, the purpose of the "Chic Click Carnival" is to introduce yourself and one fellow … continue reading
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