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5 Easy Steps to The Perfect Color Pallet In Your Home


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    Great tips for choosing the home color scheme, I will implement my recommendation in my house.

  2. Jessica

    Hey Cassity! Great post and I look forward to the upcoming ones 🙂 I’m good working with 2 maybe 3 colors but love how you detailed out working with 5 and spreading through the house! Thanks for sharing!

  3. angielee

    This is so fabulously helpful. Thank you!

  4. [email protected] Lifestyle

    Laurie…Fabulous post!

    Gotta say: Wow! This is terrific advice!!!! Planning on pinning this as a reference, too! Thanks Cassity!!!

  5. Jennie

    Loved this post! Thanks for the great tips!

  6. Lisa

    I help people choose colors for quilts all the time but when it comes time to pick my own colors I freeze. I love this tutorial and the simplicity of it. I actually might be able to succeed! Thank you!

  7. Sinea

    The Shaw India rug is a perfect match for my mother’s fine china. I, on the other hand, prefer the look of the kitchen in this post. Beautiful!

  8. Amy

    I have looked all over fabric.com for the color swatch on the left (kind of medallion looking one). Do you have a name or designer that I can find it easier?

  9. Kristin

    You made this so simple! Thanks!

  10. Basteta

    Just be careful – I saw an episode of Ghost Hunters where the worst thing about the house was the colors of the decor. And some truly terrible Feng Shui.

    This is a great article!

    And it never hurts to buy the little sample cans of paint so if you are making a radical change, you can see how the color looks in your home. I’ve even picked up a bunch of the color cards and pasted a bunch together pre-sample cans and put that on the wall.

  11. Nicole Heath

    Great post – love the recommendations! We’re aiming to buy a new house in a couple of years and I’m looking forward to heading to the fabric store (now) for ideas on how to decorate then. Of course, I’ll try to implement here too. 🙂

  12. Nicky H

    This is a great way to look at designing! I love it and will definitely try it. I’m so not good at picking colors (or following through) and never think to make the whole home flow. I may think about the rooms that can be seen as one (right now my entrance, living room, kitchen, and dining room are separated only by half-walls, so I would try to tie them together.) I love the idea of incorporating the rest of the house as well.

    And thanks for the note about kids’ rooms. I was wondering about that reading through this article.

  13. Nettie

    Where is you get your Shaw India Rug? It is gorgeous!

  14. Angie Sandy

    Thank you for featuring one of our color palettes!

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    I think this is a really helpful for choosing the home color scheme,i will implement my recommendation in my house.

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