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How To Yard Sale

I learned a random fact while learning how to yard sale.  The 127 Sale {the World’s longest yard sale} started in 1987 to stimulate the local economy and get visitors off the big highways and onto the historic route.  {{Genius!}}

Personally I love to yard sale as I’ve created many treasures out of other peoples trash.  {{evil laugh}}  If you’re doing some de-cluttering and wondering what to do with all your unused goodies, here are several great resources on how to yard sale.

Pricing Yard Sale

Suite 101 has some sound advice on pricing yard sale items:

The first consideration when pricing items for a garage sale is their value.  In general, the prices should be lower than that found on similar thrift store items. For example, a t-shirt that would sell at a thrift store for $1.50 could be priced for a yard sale at $.75.

How To Yard Sale

1.  Yard sale location tips from PennySaver USA – If you live in an area without a lot of foot or car traffic, maybe ask a relative or friend if they would want to participate in a joint venture, or if you could just use their prime real-estate for your sale.

How to make money with a yard sale from Suite 101 – Furniture, tools and baby items are all likely to draw customers to a garage sale. Be sure to include these items in a newspaper advertisement or Craig’s List ad.

3.  Encourage yard sale shoppers from The Derrick Team – Put man items (tools, electronics, sports items, etc) and high dollar items by the street so the woman can get the man to stop.

4.  How to Successfully Shop a Yard Sale from Scene of the Grime. Four REAL life tips for shopping yard sales with savvy!

Rummage Sale Make Overs from Tip Junkie

What’s been your favorite yard sale find?
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  1. Young Wife

    Great advice! I’d add don’t try to have a garage sale by yourself. Have at least one other adult to help you keep an eye on things. Learned that the hard way.

  2. Angie

    Thanks for the links!! I’m not planning on one but I shop them all the time for hidden Treasures. I’ll be checking out the “Scene of the Grime” one! 😉

  3. DogsMom

    The reason I have not had one is because I can’t get anyone to help me early in the morning and that is when most traffic arrives, in the first 2 hours of a sale.
    I had a great buying experience this past weekend. I talk about it in my current post, but start showing the pictures tomorrow.

    My best selling hint is have plenty of change and do not take bills over $20. Never give more than half the bill amount back in change. People who buy $2 worth of items with a fifty dollar bill may be offering you a counterfeit bill.
    One summer we had a lot of counterfeit $20s going through the community, but err on the safe side and don’t be out more money.

  4. Stephanie @ Geezees

    Makes me want to have a yard sale, thanks for the great tips!

  5. Denise

    I am one of the “late” people:) I typically leave out around 11:00 or 11:30 on Saturdays to hit the sales. It’s much easier to negotiate and get good deals then. There’s been many times where ppl have practically given away their stuff. WORKS for ME:)
    And my Go0se goes with me……they just LOVE to give HER things!!
    Happy Salen!

  6. Saveatunity

    Glad I caught this post our business is hosting a cookies for kids cancer event on sunday, which is a bake sale and yard sale and all proceeds are donated to fight pediatric cancer. I have never done a yard sale before. .. I really want to do well and raise money for this cause.

  7. Janene

    Just wanted to say I’m lovin’ reading your blog! You always have such interesting things to post about and you’re always catching my attention. Thank you for inspiring me!

  8. Kristina Hughes

    As a seasoned yard saler (Is that a word) a bit of advice: be willing to negotiate, I hate nothing more than to hear someone turn down a reasonable offer. Never, never say, “But I bought it this much at the store……” I really don’t care how much you bought it for, you are getting rid of it, it’s used and you no longer want it. If you want to make money off of it, try Craigslist. Garage sales are for good deals, not expensive items.

  9. Diet Program

    Great tips! Another tip would be to group items accordingly. Not only does it look more organized but it will also be easier to sell similar items.

  10. Melissa

    My favorite yard sale find was this $5 chandelier that I made over. You’ll have to come check it out! 🙂 Love those yard sales!!!



  11. Christine

    Whatever you do , do not have a yard or garage sale on a Sunday. I did and it was dead. Surprisingly, Friday and Saturdays are the best. Good luck on yours…it helps to have some candy for the kids that come with their parents.

  12. Linda

    Thanks so much! Very imformative site!

  13. Marie

    This happens sooooo often in my area – tiny writing on yard sale signs! Don’t forget that most of us will be viewing your signs from our cars, not the same as you are when writing it. Few peiple will get out of their car to read it. Remember, we cant come if we cant find it. 🙂

  14. Marie

    Absolutely! 🙂

  15. Marie

    Sorry, meant to say asolutely agree with Kristen H.’s comment. 🙂

  16. becky

    My greatest find wads Tiffany. Bracelet for.
    50 cent score.

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