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February, 2017

  • 4 February

    10 Fun Valentine Pre-School Party Games

    valentine preschool activities for kids

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day  with some amazing Valentine’s Day craft activities.  One way to commemorate the event is by making your Valentine’s Day classroom party all the more special by taking some time to play games.  These top 10 Valentine Preschool Party Games are easy, fun and inexpensive. This post has been updated with even more party Valentine Preschool games and free …

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  • 3 February

    10 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

    candy pill box

    How to make DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him that are easy, inexpensive that will show him you are thinking of him! Your Sweetie is going to love his gift. These DIY Valentine’s Day gifts include Valentine edible gifts and Valentine crafts! These DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him include a Valentine lightbulb, a Rootbeer Float kit, an edible box of matches, a DIY love mug, Valentine …

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  • 2 February

    8 Mardi Gras Activities for Kids

    mardi gras pom poms

    How to make easy Mardi Gras Activities for Kids that will help them get into the spirit of Mardi Gras or “Fat Tuesday”. These Mardi Gras Activities for Kids include Mardi Gras crafts and even a Mardi Gras recipe! These Mardi Gras Activities for Kids include a Mardi Gras pom pom craft, Mini King Cakes, Colorful Masks with Crayon, DIY Mardi Gras Magic Crafts, …

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  • 1 February

    16 Sweet Valentine’s Day Recipes

    oreo pops

    How to make sweet Valentine’s Day Recipes that your friends, family and sweetheart will swoon over.  These Valentine’s Day recipes include Valentine desserts and Valentine cupcakes! These Valentine’s Day recipes include Valentine Kiss Cookies, Raspberry Mousse Cake, Cookie Dough Hearts, Valentine Rice Krispie Treats, a variety of cupcakes, heart fortune cookies, Oreo pops, Strawberry Shortcake Bars, and more! Tip Junkie has 300 Valentine’s Day tutorials all …

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January, 2017

  • 31 January

    Your Personal Assistant for February! {organize}

    personal assistant

    It’s time to get organized for February!  Tip Junkie is here help you stay on top of your game this chilly winter as Your Personal Assistant. Take a day and really plan and organize your schedule. Here are some of the things to do! But first, be sure to print off this free, adorable 2017 Calendar just for you!   1. Let’s get …

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  • 31 January

    Fun and Wacky Holidays to Celebrate in February!

    themes for the month february

    We all love to celebrate traditional holidays, but did you know that each month has unique holidays and national days pretty much every day of the year?  So, if you are a celebratory kind of person {{like I am}} you should be able to find a something or two to celebrate every day of the year, like these holidays in February. …

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