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halloween trivia

6 Halloween Trivia Worksheets and Games

If you’re wondering about the origins of Halloween, or just want some fun trivia facts, I’ve hooked you up with some easy Halloween Trivia worksheets, Games, Infographics and Themes, complete with Halloween pictures for you to be inspired from. They include Halloween Themes, and facts that we didn’t even know! As always, the Tip Junkie Halloween and Thanksgiving sites have hundreds of pictured tutorials with free …

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10 Delicious Lamb Recipes You’ve Got to Try!

Lamb is a meat that isn’t commonly cooked with, but it has a delightful flavor which makes is wonderful for many recipes. Here are 10 ways to cook with lamb recipes you can make for your family that include lamb burgers, lamb chops, lamb roasts and even lamb recipes from around the world. Tip Junkie has 100’s of recipes for dinner all with pictured …

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Pottery Barn Teen

10 Pottery Barn Teen Knock Off Tutorials

Pottery Barn Teen has some amazing eye candy in the store that always lures me in. It’s time well spent too because I get some of the best ideas to knock off! {snicker}  Here are some tutorials and patterns to make your own Pottery Barn Teen inspired desk, wall art, light fixture, chair, furniture and bedding. We’ve taken away all the …

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10 DIY Crafts for College Kids

Crafty DIY craft ideas for kids, are for kids of all ages. Just because your child headed off to college doesn’t mean they are too old to craft (with or without you). Crafts for kids that are trendy, cute and functional make these art projects for kids #1 in our book.  Some of these fun tutorials include ways to decorate your …

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