Totally Tiffany Game The Totally Tiffany game was created and made by Lindsey!  Thank you ladies for this amazing birthday idea. Birthday Game Box I was so inspired by this game that I made a Julie Rocks game for a birthday party I hosted. I learned more about Julie while making this game than I had the entire 2 years I've known her. It was a huge hit at the party and made the party focus more around the birthday girl rather than veer off into casual conversation. Julie Rocks Game Box How to Make: 1.  I used an old “Sorry” game and covered it with scrapbook paper.  I used a “Rocking” theme.  For the embellishments I used the Rock King Chip Board embellishments. Julie Rocks Game 2.  This game board folded in the middle, so I used the adhesive ribbon down the middle to cover the fold.  I made sure that the adhesive only stuck to one side so it would still fold and fit into the box. c_358 3.  To make the game pieces, I painted the sorry pieces black and then sprayed them with polyurethane.  I then found these buttons and hot glued them on. c_357 4.  Here's the inside with the game instructions and the game pieces. Game Cards 5.  For the inside playing cards I made questions out of 4 different categories: Childhood, Teen Years, Family Life, and Totally Random. Tiffany's Game Cards Print out the files below for the game instructions and more pictures on how to make them. EHprint Print Free File: Download