Possible chores kids can do at what age.   This is a simple list of suggested chores, responsibilities, and life skills to be used only as a baseline for teaching children how to be self-reliant.

Since every child is different, parents please use at your discretion.  {wink}

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Wondering what to teach your children so they can be more self-reliant?  I got the idea to make my own list  from Merrilee Boyack’s book, The Parenting Breakthrough. As a mother, I've learned that not all my kids are created with the same skill sets, attention, or emotional maturity.  {to name a few differences}  Therefore, this is my list of the baseline responsibilities I use for my kiddos.  These are just suggestions as I'm not a child physiologist by any stretch of the imagination.  {giggle} 3 years Learn to brush teeth Get dressed Repeat prayers Potty train {girls} Pick up toys w/ help 4 years Potty trained {boys} Put clothes in hamper Loves to sort! ~ Stack clean colored plastic cups ~ Stack tupperware Loves spray bottles! ~  They spray, you wipe. {no harmful chemicals} 5 years old Brush teeth independently Start to make bed Swiffer kitchen floor Sort clean silverware Dry paint brush to dust baseboards Pick up and throw away pieces of trash Get own snack 6 years old Put away clothes in drawer Make bed {better} Pour cereal Dust w/ Pledge Water plants Carry light grocery bags in from the car Participate in team sports Memorize phone number 7 years old Make a sandwich Take showers Clear and set table Empty dishwasher no glass Vacuum 1 room Bring down dirty clothes Toilets w/ Clorox wipes Read with comprehension Memorize address Make/answer phone calls 8 years old Floss teeth Do their own hair Properly make bed Make a lunch Wash dishes Clean mirrors Straighten up a room Load and empty entire dishwasher Use microwave Warm up canned food Empty garbage cans Have a savings account Earn allowance Simple yard work: water plants, pull weeds, help plant flowers 9 years old Wake up via alarm Cut nails Vacuum Put away clean clothes Help put away groceries Learn basic first aid Write letters Understand puberty Email Wrap presents 10 years old Wash car Make own breakfast Understand basic nutrition Make salad Cook Mac & Cheese Cook vegetables Bake desserts Sew on buttons Use a camera 11 years old Mop floor Clean windows Clean refrigerator Clean cupboards Straighten closets Learn  laundry process Use leaf blower Learn crochet or to knit Babysitting prep class 12 years old Understand weight control Bake pies and bread Prepare main dishes Help create grocery list Learn about stain removal Iron own clothes Mow lawn Vacuum interior of car Use weed eater Babysit 14 years old Clean stovetop Clean oven Keep personal calendar Arrange for own haircuts Learn about makeup Do laundry entirely Shop for clothing and other items Use ATM How to order online Understand prescriptions Learn meat handling rules Understand social etiquette How to sell items online 15 years old Plan meals Plan parties Memorize social security number Understand and use a debit card Learn about debt and interest Simple household repairs 16 years old Make and keep dentist and doctor appt. Shop for groceries Keep a simple budget Find bargains Get driver’s license Change a flat tire Understand credit cards Understand interviewing process Get a job Open checking account Pay for mobile phone I'm constantly surprised at what my kids can do when I ask them to try something new.  What has your child surprised YOU by doing lately?