What kids can do at each age. Here's an outline for training them to be independent. To print it out click here.3 years Dress Self Use Toilet independently Beginning to brush teeth Pick up toys Say prayers Clean Glass tables4 years brush teeth make bed make own breakfast make sandwiches beginning to clean room5 years old straighten room vacuum empty garbage cans set table clear table make own lunch warm up canned food get allowance 6 years old take shower dust load dishwasher empty dishwasher clean sinks run microwave water plants make and answer phone calls 7 years old wash dishes floss teeth clean toilets pull weeds have a savings account read with comprehension 8 years old groom nails and hair get up by self participate in team sports of clubs develop personal talents clean mirrors memorize phone number and address do own hair begin piano lessons
Since this is a very long list, click here to get ages 9 - 16.