Take the chore out of your cleaning schedule by finding a clean method that works for your busy life! Below are 4 free printable cleanings schedules made into checklists that you can quickly print out to make life just a little easier.  So decide on a cleaning system that works with your personality and your busy life.  It's easier than you'd think!

This is the third installment of our How to Clean series here on Tip Junkie.  If you haven't downloaded it yet, be sure to grab my free printable Stain Removal Guide that is perfectto hang in your laundry room.  I'm telling you, it is SO handy!  

I'm assuming you took action after my second installment (How to Get the Mean out of Clean) and your kids are now helping to clean the house, thanks to my 3 easy steps? {I'd love to hear how it's going!}

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What's Your Cleaning Style?

What's Your Cleaning Personality?

Are you ready to create an easy system that will set-you-up-for-success and keep your home organized, all the while working with your personality?  {raising hand} I've come up with 4 personality types and a system to go with each one, so let's begin!

Are you always on-the-go, a social butterfly, a mom of toddlers or a list maker?  If so, then I've hooked you up.  I've put together lists that will help you easily make  a system you can commit to because it totally works with who you are at the core.  For instance, if you are a social butterfly ~ then entertain!   Having people in your home once a month will ensure that it gets clean.  {snicker}

4 Printable Cleaning Checklists

Print any of these out to see which one works best for your lifestyle.  Just decide what personality type you are, and then check out the lists I've provided.  Chose the one that works best for you and you'll be on your way to making a cleaning schedule that is easy because it's tailored to your personality!

simple cleaning schedule

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Simple Weekly Cleaning Schedule

1.  For the Girl Always On-The-Go: Here's a simple cleaning schedule that's perfect for someone who's already into a routine and has her days assigned with activities.

week-at-a-glance cleaning checklist

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Week-at-a-Glance Cleaning Checklist

2. For the Social Butterfly: You're going to want your week-at-a-glance cleaning checklist to be pretty and double as decor, right?   Pop this beauty into a frame and use a wipe-on/wipe-off marker to keep track of your cleaning schedule week after week.

dot-to-dot weekly cleaning schedule

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Dot-to-Dot Weekly Cleaning Schedule

3.  For the Mom of Toddlers:  I really like this dot-to-dot weekly cleaning schedule.  It's comprehensive but with a lot of flexibility so you need not  be a highly scheduled mom to use it.  Simply color in the dot on the day{s} you're planning to accomplish each task.

year-round cleaning checklist

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Year-Round Cleaning Checklist

4. For the List Maker: If you love lists, this year-round cleaning checklist is a little more comprehensive.  You have everything you need on one sheet:  with a  Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annually schedule at a glance.

What do you think?  Have you figured out what personality type you are?  If so, be sure to download the lists I have for you, and if you are on the fence, down load them all.  They are so cute and useful! {wink}

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What Are Your Cleaning Tips?

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Disclaimer: How to clean series is sponsored by GreatCleaners.com. All opinions and cleaning methods are my own. {wink}