EHprint Print Free File: Download I noticed that after posting the "Don't Eat Peter" game for Easter & Spring, a reader searched for "Don't Eat Barbie".  I thought that would be such a fun game - so here you go! This game is so simple your older children can play it with your preschooler! It’s simple to make and even easier to play. The sky’s the limit with Don’t Eat Barbie! Use cereal, dinner or lunch food, as well as any kind of candy to play. This is a take off of the original version, Don't Eat Pete. How to Make: 1. Print out on Cardstock. 2. Cut white edges off leaving an even small trim of white. 3. Glue to colored paper. 4. Laminate. How to Play: Place one piece of candy in each square. Send one person out of the room while the group chooses one candy piece to be “BARBIE”. When the player returns he eats the candies one at a time; but the minute he touches “BARBIE” the group yells “DON’T EAT BARBIE”!! His turn is then over and the next player leaves the room. Continue until all have had a turn. Other Useful Ideas: 1. Eat Dinner: Use this game to get your toddler to eat his dinner. Cut up the food in bite-size pieces (chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, etc.) Put one piece of dinner in each square. Play the game accordingly. 2. Gifts: Attach a bag of M&M’s and you’ve got a great birthday gift, Thank You gift, hostess gift, or party favor. 3. Easter Time: Wondering what to do with all that Easter candy? Play Don’t Eat BARBIE! together as a family. 4. Babysitter Game: This is also a great game for babysitters to play with your children. Kids love the “treat” and it’s enjoyable for all. If you have a child that frequently babysits – make the game for him/her to play with the kids she tends.