The 3rd Annual Birthday Bash is still going strong on Tip Junkie.  Here are some grown up birthday party ideas you can throw for yourself or your bestie. If you have a fun birthday party, submit it!  This way I can feature you and inspire fellow Tip Junkies. 1.  80s Roller Skating Party 2.  A groovy 70's Soiree 3.  You're An ACE Party 4.  Amazing Race Birthday Party 5. Casual Birthday Brunch 6.  Yellow and Bee Themed for a Ladies brunch 7.  A black and red themed grown up birthday party 8.  30th Birthday Surprise Party Food 9. 30th Birthday Cupcakes & Special Guest 10. 30's Suck Birthday Lollipop Bouquet 11.  40th Birthday Marie Antoinette Party 12.  50th Birthday - checkered theme 13.  She's 50 and  Fabulous, invitation 14.  Trailer Park Pride Potluck Party 15. Blog Birthday Party Celebration 16. Cupcake + Cocktails 30th Birthday 17.  Sweet Soiree 18. Film Festival Birthday Party 19.  Around the Clock birthday party 20. Totally 80's Skate Party While you’re here be sure to get: