How to make a ring is easier than you might think!  Here are several gorgeous ring tutorials that you can make as homemade gifts or just so spice up your outfit.

How To Make A Ring

Felt Flower Rings 1.  Felt Flower Rings ~  Not only are these rings absolutely adorable, they are super easy to make and only require a quick trip to the craft store and a little hot glue.  Now that's my kind of easy-peasy project!  {wink} Resin Rings 2.  Resin Rings~ I adore that these rings are made with items you may  have at home already like that bottle of Mod Podge!  You'll need Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, Mod Podge, a strong glue, ring blanks, coins, scrapbook paper of your choice and embellishments of your choosing.   Think how unique every ring will be!  Love this 10 cent ring idea! Fabric Covered Button Ring 3.  Fabric Covered Button Ring ~ This step-by-step picture tutorial is wonderful.  I especially love it because if I've done my math correctly then I believe you can make these rings for about a buck a piece!  {{score}}! Pipe Cleaner Rings 4.  Pipe Cleaner Rings ~  This tutorial is perfect for a craft with the little ones!  You'll find directions for making bunny ear rings and Mickey Mouse ear rings as well as directions for packaging them as cute as can be! Button Ring Tutorial 5.  Button Ring Tutorial ~ If you have a button collection, this would be a really fun way to wear some of your favorite buttons without sewing them on your clothing!  The only thing you need in addition to your buttons is a strong glue, ring bases and a shank cutter. **Sadly, this post is no longer available. Polymer Clay Rose 6.  Polymer Clay Rose ~ This tutorial shows you how to make one of the hugely popular polymer clay roses that everyone seems to be wearing.  Instead of putting it on a necklace, however, just adhere to a ring blank!

Crochet Rings

Thread Crochet Rose Ring Pattern 7.  Thread Crochet Rose Ring Pattern ~ Topsy Turvy shows us how to make 4 different rings using thread crochet and she knows what she's talking about!  She's made every style in every color! Crochet Rings 8.  Easy Crochet Rings ~ Hustle & Sew made these cute crochet rings in one evening and said they go very quickly, so if you are looking for a quick project, this just might be it!

How To Make A Wire Ring

Wire Ring 9.  Wire Ring Tutorial ~  This ring is gorgeous in it's simplicity.  I think that you could give this to anyone and they'd be thrilled!  When you see how easy it is to make you'll be astounded! Wire Knot Ring 10.  Wire Knot Ring Tutorial ~ In this tutorial Handmadeology  demonstrates that just basic beginner tools and a wire from Michael’s can go a long way, and with those tools you can make a wire knot ring, a great present for a friend! copper wire rings 11.  How to Make a Copper Wire Ring ~  This is a great tutorial for making a copper wire ring.  There are step by step pictured instructions so that you shouldn't run into any hiccups.  I really like the mix of copper with beads! wire heart finger ring 12.  Wire Heart Finger Ring ~  This is a super easy wire ring project that's so cute.  Don't you just love the heart shape?  All you need is a glue stick, wire, round nose and cutting pliers!

Homemade Rings

Embellished Resin Rings 13.  Embellished Resin Rings ~ These rings are similar to the resin rings I featured above but with a bit more bling and sophistication! I think I'd better go out and buy some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic stat.  I am in LOVE with these rings! Resin Ring 14.  Resin Ring Tutorial ~  This resin ring is a bit different in that it uses photos or photo paper for the design on the ring.  I love the idea of a photo ring! pipe cleaner rose 15.  Pipe Cleaner Rose Rings ~ I couldn't not include this adorable pipe cleaner rose ring from No Biggie.  Wouldn't it make a fun party craft?

More Free Patterns:

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