v_261 EHprint Print Free File: Download Here are some guidelines you can use when you set up your dinner club. Objective: To surround ourselves with friends, try new restaurants, have fun, and enjoy adult conversation. Rules 1.  Organization: *  We will meet the 4th Saturday of every month.  (Except December.) *  At least two couples will rotate into a different group each month. *  Each couple will host at least two dinner clubs each year. *  No children.  However infants are welcome. *  Please no restaurants with the majority of entrées over $25/person unless agreed  upon by the group. 2. Chair Couple Responsibilities *  Remind the Host Couple’s it’s their month to organize the club. *  Organize the rotating schedule. *  Pass out surveys. 3. Host Couple Responsibility: *  Select the restaurant and/or activity for that month. (Anything goes: game night,dinner out, dessert, etc.  Please no movies.) *  The assigned host couple is responsible for sending out an invitation to each member of the club two weeks prior and send an e-mail reminder a couple days before. *  Make sure the restaurant has the capacity for our group and make a reservation if required. *  If the majority of one group cannot attend the dinner, the hosts can invite a guest couple or call the other group to see if they can join them. 4. Couple Responsibility: *  Get a babysitter. *  Each couple should RSVP to their host couple at least a week in advance. *  If an emergency comes up, call the host couple as soon as possible.  This eliminates people from waiting on you at the restaurant and holding up dinner. *  Each couple should have a great attitude and be willing to try new restaurants, foods, and activities. *  The participating couples do not need to worry about getting a substitute couple if  they are unable to attend. 5. Likes and Dislikes: A survey of likes, dislikes and theme meal preferences will be gathered from each member.