'What to have for lunch?' is no longer going to be a question that's hard to answer.  Why?  Well because Real California Milk has come to the rescue with these darling printables to help us prepare healthy lunches that our kiddos will actually eat!  And, with fun printable notes of encouragement and jokes, packing a lunch that they'll like with a little surprise inside will take an everyday lunch to a new level! What To Have For Lunch

What To Have For Lunch

Back to school time means packing nutritious lunches that kids will actually want to eat, five days a week! The very thought gives some parents sleepless nights. Not to worry – Real California dairy products make it easy to create lunches that also provide a good and delicious source of calcium and vitamin D, and they have some great suggestions for incorporating dairy throughout the school year.

Lunch MenuEHprint Print Free File:  Download

Lunch Menu

Creating a healthy lunch your child will eat is no longer an overwhelming task!  Thanks to this amazing 'Pick Your Lunch' food checklist, your child{ren} can help create their own custom yummy school lunches.  Simply have your child mark the food they want to eat for lunch.  It's as easy as 1-2-3!  This worksheet has a variety of food and snack options such as a as different fruits, veggies, snacks, and sandwiches to choose from, so every child should be able to find something! Once the easy peasy checklist has been completed, take the list of favorites with you to the grocery store.  Yep, this handy dandy list doubles as a shopping list to make it easy for you to pack healthy school lunches with variety.

Lunchbox Jokes & NotesEHprint Print Free File:  Download

Lunchbox Jokes & Notes

Print out these free jokes to give your kiddos a little chuckle while they are at lunch.  Also included are words of encouragement that are a perfect addition to your child’s lunchbox.  Print them out and keep them on the ready. You never know when someone you love will need a kind word at lunch time. Lunch Box Jokes Thanks Real California Milk for making lunches easy and healthy.  You ROCK for providing us with these free printables!  It's nice to know that a company understands how important a healthy lunch is and then  finds a way to make it both easier, and more fun. RealCaliforniaMilk.com Also, a huge thanks to Amanda and Brieanna for their mad skills in graphic design!  Holy smokes they are so talented.