a_08 Welcome to the new Executive Homemaker! It's out with the old website and in with the new blog. Laurie Turk Seven years ago I had this dream to have a website called Executive Homemaker. I had it meticulously planned out in my head and on paper. It took a year of coding & designing and finally my dream became a reality a little after my third son was born. Since then I've discovered blogging and a much easier, way to inspire women. I stared the  Tip Junkie blog to promote Executive Homemaker, however over time Tip Junkie became my focus as it was much easier to maintain.  I was planning on taking down Executive Homemaker all together until I received this e-mail. "I cannot thank you enough for your materials designed for special needs children, especially for your son Davis. I have five children (ages 8, 7, 6, 3 and 2). My middle child, Trey, has special needs. He has been in Speech and OT on and off since 2 years old. His neurological testing ruled out Autism but yet my husband and I feel it still may be a mild form. Trey is being mainstreamed but each year we try to give his elem school teachers/Sunday school teachers an explanation that he's different than most kids. I loved your book to explain Davis. It sounds like my son almost to a T. I nearly cried when I read it. I am going to provide teachers with this type of book from now on. Sifting through and IEP doesn't personalize children like this book will. Thank you so much. I also loved the Book About Myself. Trey will receive that well when I adapt it for him. Thank you so much for sharing this. You have been a great support. Judy" To be honest, everything on there I made for my son Davis who has high functioning autism. He's one that needs extra visuals, structure, and motivation. I can't thank Judy enough for her kind words. She single handed saved Executive Homemaker from being taken down all together. It's taken 6 months but I've finally converted Executive Homemaker over to a WordPress blog.  I'm not finished yet, I still have over 300 files to upload so please be patient with me as I have to manually convert the files over one at a time.  That's part of the reason it has taken so long.  Once I'm finally done - there will be over 650 files at your disposal to print out and have fun with. I'm currently looking for a few women who would like to regularly contribute to EH.  I'm looking for 4 women who are familiar with blogging, make their own files regularly on almost any topic, and preferably who digitally scrapbook.  E-mail me laurie[at]executivehomemaker[dot]com if you are interested. I'm so excited to launch the new EH site and I hope it will be an easier and more effecient way to share & print out the files you're looking for.  Be sure to sign up for e-mail updates as EH will have new files to print out 5 days a week! xoxo Laurie