Do you love to watch movies?  It's a past-time beloved by many and an inviting viewing room  can make watching a movie so much more pleasant!  {{snicker}}!  I love to find beautiful and functional decorating  ideas and recently I've been researching media rooms, so today I thought I'd share 10 DIY Theatre Room Designs I've found.  I'm getting inspired!  Are you?

DIY Theatre Room

Theatre room with shipping planks 1.  DIY:  Theatre Room ~  How fabulous is this idea of using recycled shipping planks for a screening room?  It looks relaxed, do-able and affordable. Notice there is also extra storage on the side of the planks? DIY Theater Room 2.  DIY Home Theatre ~ Here's proof that you can have a DIY theatre room.  Perfectly Imperfect's bare-bones attic transformed to an amazing theatre with a little  hard work.  She and her husband did all of the decorating and finishing work!  Wait until to see what the room looked like before.  You'll be inspired and amazed! Simple Basement Theatre Room 3.  Simple Theatre Room ~  Simple details like decorative lamps, bright colors and functional and decorative pieces can make a basement space into a fun but simple theatre room.


Media Center Built In 4.  How to Make a Built-In Media Center ~ This media center was made for $60!  {{score!}} DIY Media Room Makeover 5.  DIY Media Room Makeover ~ Designer Kelley Moore added fun touches to make her media room inviting like theater drapes around her "screen", a modular sofa to stretch out with, colorful throw pillows, film reels on the wall for a vintage look, and she even utilizes a custom vintage bar for popcorn! 6.  DIY Pottery Barn Apothecary Media Cabinet ~ It's amazing what a cabinet transformation can do for your media room.  I love this transformation!  The total cost was only $75! DIY Media Entertainment Unit Remodel 7.  DIY Entertainment Unit Remodel ~ Customize your built-in entertainment unit to give it a more clean and modern look without replacing it!

Home Theater Design

Theater Room layout 8.  Theater Room Design ~ I just love how this room turned out.  You have to check out this rooms before pictures!   A floor plan was created to maximize the space in the basement, giving purpose to the windowless room.   A large sectional, recessed lights and new paint on the walls is perfect for watching movies in this new theater room! Theater Room 9. Theater Movie Room ~ You can't see all the detail here, but this room has it all...snacks, popcorn, hidden storage and best of all, bright and inviting colors! TV Room remodel 10.  A Deep Blue TV Room ~ The deep blue on the walls of this new room give it the feel of a darker theater while adding a touch of depth and elegance.  It's amazing what a coat of paint can do in transforming a room into a theater room!

More DIY Rooms

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