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quilt tutorial

How to Sew A Basic Quilt Tutorial

The following is a basic quilt tutorial that will help you practice your straight line stitching {the basis for almost all sewing} and end up with a beautiful keepsake or gift. Don’t shy away when I use the word quilt okay? Quilting can draw up images of intricate designs and complex patterns. But it doesn’t have to. A quilt is nothing more than two layers of fabric with a layer of batting in between ‘quilted’ to hold all of it together. This tutorial, while maybe not ‘technically accurate’ for a veteran quilter will show you how easy {and fun} quilting can be!

How to Sew A Basic Quilt Tutorial

In May/June I guest posted a three part series, How to Sew, here at Tip Junkie. I finished off the series teaching you the basic straight stitch and I thought it would be fun to encourage the new {or even seasoned} sewer to apply what they learned into a ‘real life’ project.

Quilt Tutorial

quilt tutorial

Basic {Simple Straights Square} Quilt Tutorial {by Knitty Bitties}
Finished size: 40″x40″

Quilting Tutorial

Materials Needed

{4} 1/2 YD cuts of coordinating fabrics (Quilt Top/Front)
{1} 1 1/4 YD cut of a coordinating fabric (Quilt Back/Bottom)
{1} Batting {Warm&Natural} Piece 45″x45″
Coordinating thread {Gutermann’s All Purpose thread in natural}

Square Up Your Fabrics

Step 1. Square up your fabrics before you beginning cutting strips. The best way to do this {I find} is to hold it in front of you and bring the two selvedge {finished} edges together horizontally so that you have a nice smooth rectangle of fabric. Press your fabric piece. Now bring the folded edge up to the selvedge edges. You now have 4 layers of fabric which should lay flat and smooth. Using your ruler and cutting mat, square up one of the raw edges and remove the excess fabric with your rotary cutter. Repeat for all remaining cuts of fabric.

quilting tutorial

Cut Strips

Step 2. Cut strips of fabric for your quilt top. You will need to cut as follows::
Front Fabrics –
Fabric 1 & 4 – 5″ / 5″ / 2.5″ / 2.5″
Fabric 2 – 4″ / 4″ / 3.5″ / 3.5″
Fabric 3 – 3″ / 3″ / 3″

All cuts are the full width of the fabric {selvedge to selvedge} by the above measurement.

How to Sew A Basic Quilt

Stack Strips In Order

Step 3. Determine the layout you’d like for your strips. Move them around until you’re happy with their placement and the variation of the patterns. Then, stack the strips in order with the top/beginning strip on the top of the pile.

Sew Strips Together

Sew Strips Together

Step 4a. Sew the strips together. Take the first strip and lay it out right side up. {You’ll notice one selvedge edge usually has the pattern on it and the other edge has fabric/printing information. I like to keep the ends with the pattern all lined up on the left side.} Take the next strip and lay it right side down, matching up the selvedge edge on the left and the raw edge on the bottom. Pin fabric together {I like to pin about 1″ from the edge so that I don’t have to remove my pins while I sew}. You will sew from the ‘top’ {shown in the photo} to the bottom. Using a 1/4 seam allowance (SA) sew the two pieces together with a small stitch length of 2.2-2.5. Back stitch at the beginning and ending of each seam. Press seam OPEN using steam to get a nice flat seam.

How to Sew A Basic Quilt Tutorial

Step 4b. Similar to step 4a, lay out your now pieced together strip right side up. Take the next strip and lay it right side down, again matching up the selvedge edge on the left and the raw edges along the bottom. Pin the fabric together. This time you will sew from the bottom to the top. {The reason for this is that by switching directions, you’re less likely to get a ‘curve’ to your strips and will end up with a more square quilt top.} Press seams open.

Repeat Steps 4a & 4b for remaining strips, remembering to alternate your direction of sewing.
Hurray, you’ve just made you’re self a quilt top! Pat yourself on the back, stretch, go grab a chocolate and come back refreshed and ready to finish your quilt.

Trim Your Quilt Top

Trim Your Quilt Top

Step 5. Time to trim up your quilt top. We want to end up with a 40″ square quilt top. Lay one of your selvedge edges on your cutting mat and line your ruler up with the most inset selvedge edge {they may be varying lengths so you have to go with the shortest to get a straight edge}. Trim excess {see photo}. You’ll have to adjust your quilt top several times on your cutting mat to trim the full length. From this clean cut edge, measure 40″ and make a mark. Trim the opposite side using this mark {or several marks if you’d like} as your guide. You just cleaned and squared up the side to side portion of your quilt top. Now you need to turn it and measure the top to bottom to see if they need trimmed. If so, make a mark just like in the you did for the sides and trim at 40″.

Prepare Quilt Your Backing

Prepare Quilt Your Backing

Step 6. Preparing your backing. I designed this tutorial to use a single cut of fabric for the backing. Most quilting cottons are anywhere from 42-45″ in width. Because we are going to do a ‘cheater binding’ which borrows fabric from the back piece, we need it to be at least 1.5-2″ wider than the front piece on all sides. {I made an error in calculation with my quilt and didn’t get quite enough for my backing. So, I had to piece together a few more strips of fabric to make it large enough. This is fine too, just another added step I was trying to avoid.}

Make A Quilt Sandwich

Make A Quilt Sandwich

Step 7. Making your quilt ‘sandwich.’ Your sandwich is: your quilt back right side down, batting and then your quilt top right side up. There are several good tutorials on how to do this in greater detail. The larger your quilt the more accurate you need to be. Because this is a small quilt {and because I didn’t want to clean my floors} I am sandwiching my quilt on my ironing board table. Start with your quilt top down, then layer on your batting and then place your quilt top, making sure you have at least a 1.5″ border of the backing showing all around. {To make it easier to see my backing, I cut my batting 41″x41″ so that it was bigger than the front piece, but smaller than the back.}

Iron & Pin Into Place

Iron all three layers and begin to pin in place using quilting pins {they look like curved safety pins}. Along the top edge I placed them every 3 inches so I could use them as guides later when I quilted, but every 6 inches on the rows after that. Carefully shift all three layers on the ironing board and smooth everything out, iron and pin. Make sure you keep checking you have a 1.5″-2″ border of your back fabric.

Time To Quilt!

Step 8a. Let’s quilt! We’re going to do straight line quilting which is really no different than the way you sewed your strips together EXCEPT you’ll want to use a much longer stitch length {about 3.5} and you might need to tighten your tension a bit {I tighten mine by 1 on my machine}. Also, you will want to use a ‘walking foot.’ A walking foot provides ‘feed dogs’ on top to help pull all layers through at the same rate. They make a walking foot for most machines, but it doesn’t always come standard. A quick search should give you an online resource. If your machine came with an extension table now would be the time to use that as well {not necessary, but it will make things easier.}

How to Sew A Quilt
Quilt On Each Side Of Seams

We’re going to first quilt on each side of the seams you sewed earlier when you sewed the strips together. Start by lining up your needle so that it is approx. 1/4″ to the right of your first seam. Back stitch at the beginning and end of each row. Stitch the whole width of the quilt, but DO NOT go past your quilt top. When you get to the end, sink your needle down, lift your foot and rotate your quilt so that you can stitch on the other side of the seam. Put your foot down, lift your needle and adjust so that again you’re stitching 1/4″ to the right of the seam. Continue stitching the rest of the quilt like this. I never cut threads until the very end, you should be able to just keep moving your quilt and lining up on the next seam.

You will notice that as you go back and forth, you’ll need to ‘roll’ your quilt sides to more easily manage it.

** On of the best tips on quilting is to not let your quilt weight ‘drag’ down your stitching. Try to keep it from pulling by keeping it on your lap or on your sewing table and not hanging off the side creating pull and drag. **

Quilt Vertical Lines {optional}

Step 8b. Good work, your horizontal quilting is done. Now, you could stop here, but to create a little more texture, I quilted vertical lines as well. Now you could be as precise with these as you were with your horizontal lines, but I think it’s fun to mix it up with ‘wonky’ {i.e. not perfectly spaced or straight} lines.

I used the safety pins at the top of my quilt as my rough guides. My idea was to stitch 2 lines between each safety pin. Line up your needle in between 2 safety pins. Just like in step 9a. quilt to the end of the quilt and then pivot, shift your quilt and quilt back up to the top. I spaced my lines approx. 1-1.5″ apart but didn’t worry too much about making them exact or keeping them perfectly straight.

Continue on until all your vertical quilting is done. Iron the entire quilt. Trim all your threads.

** You will most likely run out of your bobbin thread a couple times during the quilting process. When this happens, simply snip the top thread and bottom thread, remove your quilt, reload your bobbin and get back to your ending spot. Go over a few of your stitches and make sure to back stitch before you continue quilting. **

Trim The Batting

Step 9. Trim the batting. Carefully go around the quilt and trim off JUST the batting. Be careful not to cut through the front or back of the quilt.

Step 10.
Trim the backing. You want to have a perfect 1″ border of your backing fabric all the way around your quilt. Using your ruler and rotarty cutter, trim the backing to 1″ from the quilt top edge.

Step 11.
Cheater binding. I’m using the method I learned from Made by Rae’s tutorial. I have used this technique for my mug rugs, but wanted to try it on an actual quilt. It worked beautifully. I gave a quick visual guide above, but you can read Rae’s full tutorial and this post of mine for some helpful tips. Use quilt binding clips {which look like hair clips} to hold your binding in place. Stitch binding down using a 2.5 stitch length and stitching as close to the edge of the binding as you feel comfortable. When you get to a corner, sink your needle down and pivot your quilt and continue on the next side until you’re back to your starting point.

TA-DA! Snip your thread and you’ve got yourself a beautiful handmade quilt!

IΒ’m Andrea of Knitty Bitties Β… my little shop that fills my heart as I sew my days away in a wonderful room creating little bits of happy for you. You can read more about my days, my love of iced tea, running, baking & my newest love, our puppy, Daisy girl.


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    Those are beautiful colors. And that quilt came out very nice that I would do just that, a nice quilt for my daughter! Thanks.

  167. Carla G

    Wow, Sew Love Fabics on etsy has awesome stuff! The PRINCE CHARMING by Tula Pink, Fat Quarter Set in indigo just jumped out at me – I love the color combos…

  168. Nicole Schink

    I would make a lap quilt!

  169. Lindsay Prochaska

    If I won the free fabric I would make my mother a new quilt, its like her favorite thing!!!

  170. robin

    I’d perhaps make a table topper. πŸ™‚

  171. robin

    I like Tip Junkie on FB.

  172. robin

    I checked out Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy – pure loveliness! πŸ™‚

  173. Lizzie

    I’ve been wanting to make a starter quilt for a while now. My mom made me one years ago where she HAND-QUILTED the whole thing. It took her months. I’d at least like to give a “simple” one a go. πŸ™‚

  174. Lizzie

    I follow you on FB.

  175. Lizzie

    I posted a tweet.

  176. Breea

    I would make my little girl a skirt and then my 2 little boys ties!

  177. Gretchen

    I want to win ….I want to win….I want to win…that fabric is gorgeous!!! Either way I am going to try making that quilt, and the tutorial on the binding and corners was VERY helpful, I have such a hard time with corners…well binding and corners really!!!

    I already follow Tip Junkie, love it!

    I just shared this give away on my FB page!

    Thanks, can’t wait to see who wins!

  178. Nicole B

    I would make a quilt for sure! These fabrics all look so great together!

  179. Binks

    Man, what would I make? I’d probably use it on a quilt but a clutch would be super gorgeous.
    Great tutorial. I’m a newbie to quilting so it was a great crash course and inspiration. I love the cheater binding. I will definitely try it out.

  180. Binks

    I Tweeted the giveaway.

  181. Binks

    I’m in total ‘Like’ with you on FB

  182. Binks

    I checked out the sewlovefabrics Etsy store. I’m in love with the Tina Givens and Tula Pink selections. le sigh… if I only had money.

  183. Young Wife

    I might try making this quilt!

  184. Young Wife

    I like TipJunkie on Facebook.

  185. Tong

    Really love the quilt, I think I will try and make one myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  186. Tong

    Just RT’d! @tingtongnthings

  187. Tong

    I love Sew Fresh Fabrics, I’ve purchased from Ruth before, she’s always so friendly and shipping has always been super fast!

  188. Breea

    I Like Tip Junkie on Facebook

  189. Breea

    I checked out Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy. They are all so great!!!

  190. Bec Clarke

    Wow that is gorgeous fabric. I would love to make a new bag. There is a pattern in the Barri J book that I want to use. With the left over I would put it into a quilt and mix it up with some solids.

  191. Bec Clarke

    I also like (love) tip junkie on Facebook

  192. CJ

    I’d love to make this quilt! It is so pretty. πŸ™‚

  193. CJ

    I LIKE Tip Junkie on FB. πŸ˜€

  194. CJ

    Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy is a great shop. If I had some extra money for fabric…

  195. [email protected] Present Life

    I would love to make a quilt using those fabrics! They’re beautiful!

  196. [email protected] Present Life

    And I am a follower of Tip Junkie on FB (Happy Baby Designs)!

  197. Johanne

    I would make the same quilt, really like the result. And it’s an easy one, so as a more or less new quilter, it wont take me ages!
    Thank you so much!

  198. Johanne

    I was already following you on FB!

  199. Johanne

    Have checked out Sew Love Fabrics – I want it ALL!

  200. Lisa

    Love that fabric and want to make a quilt just like that one.

  201. Teresa Salash

    I would have to make the quilt since your instructions are great! I am always afraid to try to quilt but who can go wrong with free material and a free tutorial?

  202. amorette

    i would make a quilt, but i have moved a bit beyond basic lately (with a lot of practice!) so maybe i would try this one from oh fransson!: http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/2010/03/new-wave-quilt.html

  203. Teresa Salash

    I like you on FaceBook

  204. Teresa Salash

    I checked out Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy and I love the HAPPIER COTTONS by Deena Rutter Fat Quarter Set in green.

  205. Elle

    I like you on facebook and follow you on twitter

  206. Anne Marie

    I would love to make a quilt just like this one!! I am a beginner so this sounds like fun.

  207. Anne Marie

    I checked out Sew Love Fabrics – great shop.

  208. April B

    I would love to make a quilt. I’m just starting out and trying to become friends with my sewing machine. I’ve been making table runners, etc. but would love to try a full quilt.

  209. Erica

    I haven’t sewed anything in sew long (ha…I accidentally typed that but I’m totally leaving it!) that I honestly don’t even know how to use my sewing machine. It was my husband’s grandmother’s and I would love to start my learning process. I’m not sure I can tell you what I would make with the fabric, but I really want to give something a try!

  210. Erica

    I tweeted about the free fabric on twitter! πŸ™‚
    You can follow me on twitter, too! I’m @erica_bartsch

  211. Erica

    I also liked Tip Junkie on Facebook!

  212. Sarah Babin

    I would totally make a quilt with this fabric.

  213. Mrs. Merry Mack

    I want to make some curtains for my classroom. They would make me happy every day.

  214. Sarah Babin

    I liked TIp Junkie on FB.

  215. Sarah Babin

    I checked out Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy.

  216. Elizabeth

    I have not made a quilt but did try by making a nine patch pillow. The pillow is so cute I made it a long time ago and still have it. I’d love to make a nine patch quilt. The fabric is gorgeous.

  217. Elizabeth

    I just tweeted about the fabric.

  218. Mrs. Merry Mack

    I tweeted the giveaway.

  219. Elizabeth

    And I also shared the link on fb, becasue I’ve been a TJ fan πŸ™‚

  220. Liz Franks

    I think I’d make a quilted diaper bag with this fabric. I just LOVE it!

  221. TheBargainBabe

    I’d make a lap quilt! Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  222. TheBargainBabe

    I hearted the shop on etsy! My name is “TheBargainBabe” and my shop is called Zucchini Summer. Thanks for a chance to win some pretty fabrics!

  223. TheBargainBabe

    I tweeted!!

  224. stephanie b

    A quilt-of course! I’ve done several different types of quilts, but this one looks beautiful and easy to make.

  225. Angie

    Great fabrics to make a tote/handbag. Now I just have to figure out the “how…!”

  226. Christie P

    I would make a quilt and then bind it using the “cheater binding” method.

  227. andria

    I plan on covering the background of my daughters built in book shelves with fabric and these are amazing!

  228. andria

    I follow you on facebook πŸ™‚

  229. andria

    <3 I hearted the shop on etsy!

  230. Jasmine Gee

    This is beautiful and would love to try making a quilt! Since my mother passed down her sewing machine.. I’ve been trying all sorts of sewing crafts!!

  231. jen

    If I win I will try this quilt! I am sitting beside my husband reading this post and showing him saying I really NEED to try making a quilt one day, when I have matching fabrics.

  232. jen

    I checked out sewlovefabrics on etsy and I love the KUMARI GARDEN by Dena Designs Half Yard Set. it would match my girls room perfectly!

  233. Dianna W.

    I would make a quilt of course!
    themrsward at yahoo dot com

  234. Dianna W.

    I visited Sew Love Fabrics. In love with the Wrenly fat quarters!
    themrsward at yahoo dot com

  235. Donna

    I love this tutorial! Sew Simple! I have quilted in the past and have not really enjoyed it but this makes me want to do it again! Plus the fabric is beautiful! I would make a new baby quilt for my expected third grandbaby!

  236. Donna

    I visit the site on Esty! Wow so many beautiful fabrics!

  237. Donna

    I liked your site on Facebook. Facebook is my favorite place to connect!

  238. Shannon

    I think I could make this quilt!!!!!

  239. Megan

    I would make my niece a quilt. My grandmother was the only quilt maker/sewer in our family and since she passed away, my niece missed out! She needs a handmade quilt made with love πŸ™‚

  240. Renee E.

    I would love to make this quilt adn would love to try the cheater binding!!

  241. sarah

    I would love to make this quilt. ♥ the cute fabric!!!

  242. sarah

    I like Tip Junkie on Facebook!!!!

  243. sarah

    I ♥ buying fabric from Sew Love on ETSY!!!

  244. Carrie

    The fabrics are so modern and feminine, I have to make my newborn baby girl a quilted lovie blanket with them!

  245. Carrie

    already like tip junkie on FB!

  246. Carrie

    checked out the etsy store, too!!!!

  247. becki

    I would either do a quilt or make pajama bottoms.

  248. Pam

    I loved your tutorial!! …thanks so much. I would make a table topper with the fabric if I win. Thanks for the chance!

  249. Pam

    The Etsy store has some lovely fabrics …esp WRENLY by Valori Well Half Yard Set in gypsy I LOVE it!!

  250. Amy Lynne

    Such fun fabric! It would be awesome to win and make that cute quilt!

  251. Danyiel Johnson

    I want to make a picnic quilt.

  252. Danyiel Johnson

    I like TJ on Facebook.

  253. Danyiel Johnson

    I had to favorite a few things on Sew Love Fabrics here is one of them KUMARI GARDEN by Dena Designs, Teja in pink.

  254. Barb Dehmann

    like you on FaceBook and I love fabric. new fabric, any fabric!

  255. Esmeralda

    I would love to try that quilt!

  256. Linda gerig

    I would make a table runner. linda gerig

  257. Esmeralda

    I liked you on FB.. I’m so excited I <3 your blog.. Its saved as one of my favorites.. but now FB I'm stoked!

  258. Esmeralda

    I visited Sew love fabrics on etsy.. Super cute things!

  259. Kayla

    I like TP on FB

  260. Samantha

    I would like to try to make a quilt.

  261. Some Lucky Dog

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! i am brand new to quilting (other than going to quilting bees with my grandma when I was a kid πŸ™‚ This would be the perfect first project for me. If I won, I’d do this project and use it on my 60″x60″ table, it would be perfect for the center!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  262. Some Lucky Dog

    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  263. Some Lucky Dog

    I like Tip Junkie on facebook (Cindy Brooks)
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  264. Some Lucky Dog

    Wow, 21 pages of fabric goodness at Sew Love Fabrics! I faved the shop so I can go back. I saw a beautiful fabric that I think would be great to cover my office chair!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  265. Lucky

    These fabrics are SOOO pretty! What a simple design and great tutorial for beginners! I’d make a bag out of it so I could see the fabrics more often πŸ˜‰

  266. Andrea @ Knitty Bitties

    Oh I hope you do win! But if not, I hope you grab some fabric of your own and go for it. What a beautiful reminder you would have of your work every day when you sat at your table!

  267. Andrea @ Knitty Bitties

    Oh, I’m so excited for you! I hope you really give it a try … it will make your heart SO happy πŸ˜€

  268. Chacoy

    What a great tutorial! I have been wanting to make a quilt but didn’t think I could handle it seeing how I am a new seamstress so I would make this great quilt!
    Thank you for the opportunity;)

  269. Chacoy

    I like TJ on Facebook:ChacoyAguayo;)

  270. Chacoy

    Love Sew Love Fabrics shop they have a wide cariety of fabric and patterns!

  271. Deb Bremer

    I woulds make a quilt for my sister she has done so much for me, she made me 2 quilts so far and they are gorgeous!

  272. Sewing Princess

    I would make a quilt for my nephews… they are due in less than a month! I never made a quilt but with this tutorial it seems like I could manage!

  273. Mak Teh

    hi, I have never quilt ..I would love to try this quilt you make,you make it looks so easy

  274. Carly

    Oh! I would definitely choose some fabric to make Christmas presents!

  275. AJ

    I have wanted to make a quilt for a long time just never know where to start. It would be great if I won this fabric because I will make this exact quilt following this great tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing this info! AJ


  276. AJ

    I tweeted about the giveaway! AJ


  277. AJ

    I am already a long time FB fan/follower!! AJ


  278. AJ

    I went to Etsy and took a look around at their shop. I not only added the shop to my favorites but found some fantastic deals on a few fabrics that I will be buying today! Thanks for sharing. AJ


  279. Jenn Webber

    I have always thought of quilts as hugs. I am a SAHM with two sons 4mo and 4yrs, and a devoted military wife. We are always on the opposite ends of the world or country from our family so I make quilts to sends warm “hugs” when we cannot be there. I have a niece arriving soon and I would greatly appreciate free fabric to send her some love.

  280. Sarah O

    Oooh, this tutorial has made this quilt look easy enough that I am tempted to try it… =)

  281. Nicole

    I’ve recently got the crafting bug and these websites and ideas are adding so many projects to my list. I can’t figure out where to start!!! But I am dying to learn the art of quilting. I need all the practice I can get; plus all the supplies…. I need to build up my “scrap” piles!!

  282. Jenn Webber

    I liked you on Facebook…I cannot believe I hadn’t already since I tweet and FB this site all the time! I love Tip Junkie!

  283. Jamie O.

    I would make my first quilt and hopefully figure out something for the scraps!

  284. Jamie O.

    I like Tip Junkie on facebook!

  285. Jenn Webber

    I Tweeted about the contest @kupcakegirl

  286. Jamie O.

    I love Sew Love Fabrics! I found my new favorite on Etsy!

    Now I have to figure out what to make from “Happier Cottons”.

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

  287. Whitney W.

    Love this quilt tutorial! And thanks for introducing a new etsy shop!

  288. Ronda C.

    I have always wanted to make a quilt but found it to be daunting. Thanks for breaking down the steps into something I think I can do. Honestly, though squaring the material still scares me a little.

  289. Jennifer Bouhana

    I would make some pillows using these beautiful fabrics!

  290. Jennifer Bouhana

    I “like” Tip Junkie on Facebook AND I am feeling LUCKY!!!!!!!

  291. Susan N.

    First of all thank you for your epic quilting tutorial. It is one of the best one’s I have seen. I have never made a quilt before and it is on my list of things to try. The material is so pretty and I would make a quilt for my granddaughter who just turned 8 months. She is our only grandchild. My mom gave quilts to my children when they were little and we treasure them. I did like/post comments on facebook and checked out Sew Love Fabrics, Thanks for a chance to win.

  292. Nita

    Loved the tutorial! Very cute and girlie fabrics! Hmmm, what would I make? Well, a quilt would be an obvious choice, but a quilted bag (or 2-maybe 3!) would be very cute!

  293. Pam

    I’m new to quilting so I am thinking a couple of small projects like a Table Topper or wallhanging and i have been wanting to make a purse also.

  294. Pam

    I liked Tip Junkie on facebook. Thanks for the giveaway and the tutorial is wonderful.

  295. Lisa Garrett

    I would make this exact quilt! I love it!

  296. Lisa Garrett

    Liked on FB: Lisa Holmes Garrett

  297. Lisa Garrett

    I checked out Sew Love fabrics on etsy. Beautiful stuff!

  298. Jill

    This has inspired me to attempt a quilt for my niece’s new twin-size bed πŸ™‚

  299. Nancy

    I would certainly try this pattern out if I were to win. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  300. Denise Carley

    Thank you so much for posting this. I got a sewing machine and want to make a quilt but never really knew how and now I do πŸ™‚

  301. mandy

    I have been wanting to make a quilt for so many years now! My grandmother was an amazing quilter, am not sure if I have the gene – but I have the desire & drive – I have started several but never finished as i was always intimidated by trying to do the back. If I won I will give this quilt a definite whirl – thank you for all your tips – you made it seem so much easier than I had thought!

  302. Kaisa

    I would make a baby quilt for my husband sister, shes having a first baby, probably a star quilt πŸ™‚
    Following on facebook and newsletters.

  303. Janet

    These are gorgeous! I think I need a new bag…..

  304. Mary Carole Dolce

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I would definitely love to try out this pattern!

    Have a WONDERFUL Weekend!

    Mary Carole

  305. Joni

    What a simple way to quilt. The binding has always left me intimidated. I think I would like to give it a try..course I need fabric to do it with, (hint, hint)

  306. Joni

    I like Tip Junkie on facebook – bring on the fabric!

  307. Leslie

    I would make my son his own quilt. My first two sons had a quilt made by their Nana. She passed before she could make one for my third and I have been too intimidated to attempt it myself. Thanks for the info and the chance to win!

  308. amanda

    I would love to make a quilt for my girls and you make it look so easy. ;o)

  309. Lindsay

    I would love to make a quilt with this fabric! So cute!

  310. Lindsay

    Tweeted the giveaway

  311. Lindsay

    I like Tip Junkie on FB

  312. Lindsay

    Visited Sew Love Fabrics. Very inspired & hoping to make a purchase soon πŸ™‚

  313. Steph

    i would try to make a quilt!

  314. Steph

    i like on FB last name woodson

  315. Kailynn

    I’ve been wanting to do a quilt for some time and this looks like something I could do! Love it!

  316. Kailynn

    Just checked out her etsy site too!

  317. Dianne

    Would this work for pillow shams? I have never quilted and would like to start small. they are beautiful!

  318. Patti

    I decided I wouldn’t enter into anymore giveaways but I love this quit so much that I have to have the fabric for it and if I buy anymore him upstairs will kill me. But winning some doesn’t count. Does it? I would make this quilt exactly like you because you can’t improve on perfection.

  319. Patti

    I tweeted and facebooked about your wonderful tutorial and giveaway.

  320. Jan May

    The quilt looks great – wonderful fabrics. Makes a simple design look stunning.
    Fabric giveaway is lovely….hmm – a bag, kindle cover and purse?

  321. Basteta

    Love the colors in this fabric collection, especially the birds on sky blue and the orange dots. I desperately need some new pillow covers and so would make patch work quilted ones….or a project work bag (currently using a Trader Joe’s shopping bag.) Very nice tutorial and a generous offer!

  322. Heather

    I would love to make a quilt with this fabric. Great tutorial!!

  323. Heather

    Like Tip Junkie on Facebook

  324. Heather

    Checked out Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy…nice stuff

  325. Heather

    Tweeted about giveaway (@levequeh)

  326. [email protected]

    I hope you give it a try … I’m guessing once you do you’ll be smitten :).

  327. [email protected]

    It really isn’t hard … just practice and a lot of patience. Don’t be too hard on yourself the first time. It’s kinda like painting … it’s just fabric. You can always rip it out or start over :).

  328. [email protected]

    You could easily use sew a large piece of strips for pillow shams. I would do a large piece (large enough for two sham fronts) and then quilt it with batting and muslin (for the ‘back’ which would really end up on the inside of the pillow) and then cut your two fronts from that. Finish with an ‘envelope’ pillow closure and you’d have two lovely new pillows!

  329. [email protected]

    So sweet!! If you don’t win than I challenge you to use up some of what you have and then you can justify more ;). Happy day!

  330. Helena

    Tweeted this giveway @microbionoar

  331. Karen Propes

    I just love this fabric and the tutorial was awesome, you showed us every single step. How could anyone fail at this pattern. I have a to do quilt for list almost as tall as I am, but with this it would be a quilt for my Granddaughter, or a quilt for the bottom of my plain old lavender twin bed. Anyways, love your tips and ideas.
    Thanks for the chance!
    [email protected]

  332. Karen Propes

    I’m so glad you introduced me to Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy. I love her collections, even saw one for a beach quit for the kids. Don’t you just love the PENELOPE Panel By Holly Holderman, perfect for a wall hanging, maybe make a quilt to match! I love the Christmas Candy by Doodlebug Designs Charm Pack, I make fudge every year and wrap the small package and give to my friends, don’t cut the fabric that way it can be used by the receiver.
    [email protected]

  333. jessica

    I’d love to make a quilt for my daughter!

  334. Chris

    What a great little quilt. I love the fabric Andrea chose.

  335. LeslieW

    Love this.

  336. Debra

    I just love those bright fabrics!

  337. Debra

    I tweeted @Lealee33

  338. Debra

    I like you on Facebook!

  339. Debra

    I frequently check out Sew Love Fabrics on etsy!

  340. Amanda A

    The fabric is so bright and cheery!! Thanks for the chance to make a gorgeous quilt out of it πŸ™‚

  341. Amanda A

    I checked out Sew Love Fabrics on etsy, and added it to my favorites so it’s easy for me to find again!

  342. Amanda A

    I like tip junkie on facebook – the cleaning checklist is wonderful!

  343. Jessica

    I’d love to make some dresses for my three girls!

  344. Tania

    like on fb !

  345. Cynthia


  346. Cynthia

    I *love* Tip Junkie on facebook <3

  347. Cynthia

    And I’d make handkerchief skirts, my current obsession πŸ™‚

  348. Cynthia

    I favorited Sew Love Fabrics on etsy, and plan to spend an inordinate amount of time there later on today πŸ™‚

  349. Candace Kennedy

    Retweeted! Do you have any videos?

  350. Jo

    I would have to make some new couch pillows for my DIL. Thanks for the giveaway chance

  351. chelsea

    I’ve always wanted to make a simple strip quilt like that. Love it!

  352. Colleen

    The fabrics are beautiful! I would love to make my daughter a quilt – she loves them too! thanks for the great giveaway!

  353. Colleen

    I checked out the etsy shop of Sew Love Fabrics. I hearted it as a favorite! Butler83 thanks again!

  354. Kelsey

    I’m thinking a but bag with the top three prints, not sure yet with the rest. πŸ™‚

  355. Sallie

    I’d make a quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  356. Sallie

    I checked out Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy and love HAPPIER COTTONS by Deena Rutter Half Yard Set in blue. Thanks for the giveaway!

  357. Barbara Young

    I just became a Great Aunt of twin girls on Saturday – that means that new quilts need to be made. And baby quilts don’t have to be made only of pink..

  358. Tamie

    I love fabric and quilts. Thanks for the chance to win some fabric for my next quilt.

  359. Cass

    I’d give that quilt a try! Looks super cute! πŸ™‚

  360. Cass

    I regularly check out Sew Love Fabrics, much to the dismay of my credit card! πŸ™‚

  361. Gill

    Great fabrics!
    Count me in please

  362. Kathy MacKie

    There are so many ways to use such cute fabric but I think I would do a strip quilt possibly or maybe a log cabin. If I win I will post pictures of the completed quilt.

  363. Sandy N.

    I love your quilt! What a great quick project! I’d love to make it with those fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  364. Sandy N.

    What a great shop! I love the fabrics she has!

  365. Sydney

    Such a wonderfully done tutorial. I am so inspired to make a quilt now and I love the one you made. I’ve always been discouraged by the binding and I absolutely love the technique you used. I have a regular machine and I piece almost everything I make in some kind of quilting way so I’m familiar with it and this sounds so do-able. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  366. Allison C

    I would love to make a new lap quilt. The current one is getting to look pretty sad.

  367. Jill

    I just ‘liked’ Tip Junkie on facebook πŸ™‚

  368. HollowSquirrel

    I’d love to try my hand at my first “real” quilt (did a tshirt quilt for a charity fundraiser)!

  369. annabelle g

    Great tut, pinning it. I would add it to my charity bee stash. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  370. Linda


  371. lorene

    i would make a quilt with my granddaughter. I love scrappy and I have several patterns that would work with this… my granddaughter is 8 years old and is learning to sew.



  372. lorene

    I like you on face book too!!


  373. Brandy Miller

    I would absolutely make a quilt with the fabric. Quilting is one of my favorite things to do with my mom. LOVE these fabrics!

  374. Brandy Miller

    I like Tip Junkie on facebook!

  375. Margaret Watson

    This looks like such a fun quilt. I would love to make it.

  376. kate

    i think i just found another favorite etsy store! i l.o.v.e. this fabric. seriously. i’m still a fairly new seamstress, so i would love to tackle some pillows with this fab fabric! did i mention i LOVE this fabric?!

  377. Anne

    So pretty! I’d probably incorporate these pieces into a quilt!

  378. Anne

    Liked Tip Junkie on Facebook.

  379. Dana S.

    I’d make a quilt to use as a wallhanging in my sewing room that I’m re-doing in aqua and red!

  380. mekei

    i’d probably do skirts and hair accessories for the girls

  381. Paula Milantoni

    I would make placemats for christmas gifts

  382. Anne

    Checked out Sew Love Fabrics on Etsy. I love the Botanika fabric line.

  383. Denise DiFalco

    quilted pillows for my sun porch

  384. Denise DiFalco

    Liked Tip Junkie on facebook ions ago

  385. Denise DiFalco

    Favored so love fabrics on etsy! They have gorgeous material`

  386. Denise DiFalco

    Bookmarked Let Me Sew Love, awesome blog!

  387. Heather H

    Would love to make a quilt with this fabric!

  388. Heather H

    I like TJ on facebook.

  389. Angela

    I need to have the courage to break out the sewing machine. This is so cute!! I will try I promise!

  390. Heather H

    Love the etsy store – I love the pirates fabric!

  391. Angela

    I already like Tip Junkie on facebook! πŸ™‚

  392. Angela

    checked out their etsy and blog. I could spend hours looking at the fun ideas and all the fabric πŸ™‚

  393. Michelle

    I would love to win this fabric and make this lovely quilt. I am a beginner and this seems to be very “doable” with my limited quilting knowledge.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog, this tutorial (which I will do wether I win or not) and having a give-away also!

  394. Barbara Anderson

    I haven’t tried a quilt, but have made made several small quilted projects–would love to try the quilt!

  395. Michelle

    I like TipJunkie on FaceBook and have for a while :0)

  396. Susan

    Oh, how timely. I just decided to make my son a picnic blanket of Route 66 trails. I made it into long strips and attached them and I am in processing of connecting them together. I made them 21″ wide x 84″ long and three strips. I free handed on the quilting. I did rectangular lines starting on the outside and ending in the center. I am so excited about this project. Considering he is off to college next fall, I decided I needed another hobby. I used to sew years ago (skirts and tops) and still have his baptism fabric and pattern UNDONE! lol! Where does the time go? I am using binder clips to attached the fabric together to go under the sewing arm. I am really enjoying using my Bernina sewing machine that my husband got me for Christmas the last year before he passed away in 2003. I love the fabric, but really do not want to win this as I need to get to the cobwebs in my house and clean off my “sewing table” aka dining room table. Happy sewing to all!

  397. Autumn

    I would lov to make a quilt with this!! I would make a quilt to give to my mom for Christmas!!

  398. Karan

    What a pretty quilt. So cheerful and bright. Would love to do one . Tutorial is very easy to understand. Just retired late last year and am now ready to learn quilting.

  399. Chris L

    What a lovely quilt and so easy to make – The colours are very IN too – you can’t beat that combination – so cheery that they have to make you smile. Thanks for a great comp.

  400. Chris L

    I also like you on Facebook – need my fix everyday πŸ™‚

  401. Casie

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  402. Casie

    I already follow on facebook!

  403. Tania

    I Love it!!

  404. Hueisei

    Would make a quilt following the tutorial.. Thanks for the chance!

  405. Hueisei

    Tweeted the news via profile @hueisei

  406. Hueisei

    Liked your page in FB too!

  407. Hueisei

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  408. Katie

    Loved your tutorial. I’ve been afraid of quilting. I think I would follow your instructions and try to make my 1st quilt. Thank you for the great tutorial.

  409. AJ

    These fabrics are beautiful! I would make a lovely quilt for my grandaughter – colors are perfect for her room!
    Nice tutorial on this quilt.

  410. Jackie West

    I have been sewing simple projects & costumes for years. Sewing a quilt excites me & scares the daylights out of me both at the same time. I’m not very confident at putting together fabrics that go well & honestly have been afraid to start such a project, not be happy with it and never try again.
    If I win this fabric, I would definitely make a quilt following your tutorial. We are remodeling a bedroom at our cabin, this fabric would be a great start for the decorating!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your quilt tutorial, it gives me courage to go ahead & make a quilt!

  411. Tanya Kitto

    Hi, last week I ordered a sewing machine. I’m going to teach myself to sew. I’d love this fabric to make some pot stands for my kitchen. I think they should be easy enough to start with πŸ™‚ The other projects I would love to start on are cushions for my 4 kids, this would be fabulous for that πŸ™‚
    Thanks so much for the tutorial I am going to give it a go once I know how to sew

  412. Deb

    I would LOVE to win this fabric bundle and would definitely make the quilt in the tutorial. Thank you for it!

  413. Deb

    I checked out the Etsy shop and love the Summer House fabric bundle.

  414. Marsha Cassetty

    I love quilting. I really love the step by step. I like how you square up your fabric. Every time I cut strips some how they end up off.

    Marsha Cassetty

  415. R

    I’d have to try that quilt!

    Some of my fav fabrics!

  416. R

    And, headed over to etsy now!

  417. vonda hiland

    My daughter just got married and I am putting a picnic basket together for them with all the plates, cups, etc. I could make this quilt and then make coordinating napkins and voila…a sweet day at the park with a very stylish basket and quilt!

  418. Pam Sacco

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  419. Darlene Marine

    This quilt is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Very modern and yet classic/antique. I would love to make a quilt like this either for my bed or my daughters. (We may end up fighting over it..lol!)

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  421. Teresa Downum

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    Happy days.

  426. Aeble

    I like your fabric choices. They are really cute choices for a quilt. I like to do a couple extra bobbins before I start quilting on my machine. That way when I’m in the grove I don’t have to stop and rethread to load another bobbin.

  427. Aeble

    I shared the info on facebook.

  428. Aeble

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