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Remove The Shoes! {10 Creative Signs For Guests}

Looking for some really creative ways to ask your guess to “remove the shoes!”  I was asked over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page by Noralyn if, “I had any ideas for a sign that politely or comically request that my house guest remove their shoes at her front door.”

Asking guests to Take Off Shoes can be easier than you think with these fun ideas. Please note, that none of these are actual tutorials, they are links to ideas and Etsy shops!  Sadly, I searched and searched so if you have a tutorial on your site – I’d love to see it.  {wink}

Remove The Shoes

Remove The Shoes

1.  Here’s a cute block that you can decorate or embellish any way that you like and pop in a darling black and white photo of your kiddies piggies. {scroll down to bottom-middle on that post}

Take Off Shoes

2. Take Off Shoes lettering by the baseboards is such a fun idea.  I love how the letters get progressively larger but the same color as the wall. {snicker}

Removing Shoes Before Entering {True}

3.  Removing Shoes Before Entering {True} – This Print Is A Digital Reproduction Of An Original BirdAve Illustration and completely whimsical and fun.

Mahalo for taking off your shoes!

4.  Mahalo for taking off your shoes! This sign is a whimsical and colorful reminder for your guests to remove their shoes before entering your home created by Rusti Lee.

take off your shoes

5.  his is a great idea to cross stitch something into a beautiful frame like this, “Abandon Shoes All Ye Who Enter”.

Please Remove Your Shoes

6.  Please Remove Your Shoes painted rectangle door hanger.  It’s hand painted with several fun shoe types on it.

removing shoes

7.  “Please Remove Your Shoes ~ Don’t take better ones on your way out!” sign is hysterical!

If you're not George Straight, Take your boots off!"

8.  Since I’m from Texas I really appreciate this sign, “If you’re not George Strait, Take your boots off!

9.  Here’s another funny one, “Life is made of choices, Remove your shoes or scrub the floor”.

This is an American home, run Japanese style

10.  On Facebook Heather suggested this sign, ” We are military stationed in Japan… I see signs all the time that say “This is an American home, run Japanese style (since they take their shoes off at the door).”  I thought that was such a cool idea, I found one.

removing shoes

Wondering what to do with the shoes that people are taking off all the time?  I LOVE the idea behind this shoe rack that floats off the floor.  Seriously cool.

Be sure to let me know if you make any of these Remove The Shoes signs or a different one of your own. Simply leave the link to your blog post in the comments, or upload a photo to the Tip Junkie Facebook page. I adore hearing from you. {{wink}}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

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  1. Jacqueline

    I have a sign at my door that says, ‘life is full of choices, take off your shoes or scrub the floor!” I love it!

  2. jamie

    i think “how does she has a tutorial similiar to #1. thats where i first saw the idea.

  3. Jessica

    LOVE this idea! I’m redoing my foyer so what a great thing item for me to add

  4. Matthew C

    Some great ideas there! A bit of humour goes a long way. I think I like #5 best.

    I have an whole blog about removing shoes in homes: Shoes Off at the Door, Please You might like to take a look.

  5. Michelle

    I saw a great post on this the other day at “Under the Table and Dreaming.”


    I also loved a sign that one of the comments said, which was “NO SHOES REQUIRED.”

  6. good2Bqueen

    The custom of asking (or expecting) a guest (a guest, not family) to remove his shoes is so funny to me. In my home growing up, it would never be expected. In fact, a friend of mine came over and removed his shoes and my dad was flabbergasted. He felt like it was much to casual for some one to do on his first visit to our home. I tried to explain that it was a sign of respect, to not dirty the floors. Of course, my dad doesn’t clean the floors. My mom does, so perhaps that’s why such reasoning would escape him! ;o)

    I moved to Alaska where NOT removing your shoes would be rude – no sign required. Putting up such a sign in AK would be live putting up a sign that says “Please cover your mouth when your cough” or “Please breathe”. So, my question – when no sign is present – what is the proper etiquette? To remove or not to remove, that is the question.

  7. Leesha

    Oh man I have been wanting to find something like this. I never know how to ask people nicely so I have just given up!

  8. Laurie

    I think that’s the exact reason for the sign – because there are so many different cultures and society rules that it can really be confusing. I live in Ft. Worth and we all take off our shoes when we enter a home. It’s more like a habit at this point than anything else.

    So I say that if you’d prefer to have your guests take off their shoes then create a fun sign or cute shoe rack. If you don’t – then I wouldn’t worry about it. ;). Does that answer your question?

    Laurie {Tip Junkie}

  9. jenni

    Cute! I saw a sign once that said, “Welcome friends, please bare your soles”. I thought that was warm and welcoming while getting the message across! And I have a friend who just has a cute little basket of slippers by a bench with a sign that says, “Welcome friends…please have a seat…we love to pamper our guests and their feet.” ….which I thought, again, put a nice positive spin on the basic message of “take off your shoes”. 🙂

  10. Kira

    We dont have a sign, we are lucky to have a closet next the entrance hall, so I just ask people to leave their shoes in the closet. Regular guests and family have a pair of their own slippers to change into, so when they come they automatically leave their shoes in the closet and put their slippers on

  11. Matthew C

    Leesha, I’m sure you ask people to do lots of other things. Most people won’t be offended if you just say “Would you mind taking your shoes off?” Though the signs are a great idea too.

    It’s a strange world if you can’t ask people to do something really simple and easy.

  12. Katrina Azevedo

    For me it isn’t just the dirt on my floors if they don’t remove there shoes. It is the high heels digging into my hard wood floors. It makes me crazy! So I just have a simple sign on my door. http://katrinaskreations.blogspot.com/2008/06/front-door.html

  13. Amy Papale

    I absolutely love this idea! I have had a sign on the door coming in from the garage that I picked up in a store years ago. It has some pretty sunflowers on it and reads “Shoes Off Please” pretty simple, you would think. It is hung just below eye level on an iron hook that you would think people could see! You would be surprised by the people that think this sign doesn’t apply to them! We build our new home nine years ago and have NEVER worn our shoes in the house. This is basically since I hate dirt and germs. You can’t imagine the things you step in during the course of the day and I don’t want that tracked into my house or contaminating the floor my daughter plays on. I know several people that use taking their shoes off as a rule, who wants to spend their time cleaning the floors? Thanks for bringing up a great subject!

  14. Stee

    I just don’t get asking your guests to take off their shoes. Unless it’s pouring rain or they’ve been in mud. I would be really uncomfortable if someone made me be shoeless at their home. Luckily, I’ve never been in a home where shoes were banned.

  15. Capability

    LOVE this post! My sister has a cute Mahalo sign and so far we rely on asking nicely – what great creative ideas! Thank you!

  16. Matthew C

    Shoes pick up grit which wears out carpets and pretty much all kinds of flooring. They also pick up stuff like lead paint, pesticide and toxoplasmosis; stuff that is really not good for small children to be exposed to.

  17. Get Candy Dishes

    These are all wonderful ideas, but I like the “remove your shoes, or scrub the floor” one! It’s funny and gets to the point straight! 🙂

  18. Heather B

    hmm..it’s hard to decide which one of these is the most awesome!! I love that first one with baby feet. But the don’t take better one son the way out is hysterical. Shoes off or scrub floor is really more blunt–kind of my style. 🙂 These are great! Thanks!

  19. good2Bqueen

    If there is a sign, that makes it pretty easy. It’s when there is no sign that it gets confusing. I usually look to see if there are shoes at the entry way. If there are, I take mine off. If there aren’t I leave them on. I wonder what Miss Manners would have to say about this topic.

  20. Marilyn Holeman

    Hi, I’m visiting from I’m an Organizing Junkie, who linked to this post. Being from Southern CA, we were never required to remove shoes when I was growing up. Now that I live in the mountains of Southern CA, it makes more sense, as we get a little bit of snow and more rain than “down in the flat lands.”

    I don’t think it’s at all rude to ask people to remove their shoes–especially if you have a basket of slippers on hand for their convenience, and a bench or chair.

    I love your selection of signs. Very cute.

    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Kristin

    Agreed, I think it’s so tacky to ask people to remove their shoes with a sign. To me it says, I think you are so dirty I can’t welcome you into my home unless you remove your shoes. It makes me feel totally unwelcome.

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  23. Sinea

    Very diplomatic way to get those shoes off them! Love the signs.

  24. Angela

    I have a small sticker that says welcome kindly remove shoes… On my front door and also one inmy BnB entrance… Canadians typically remove their shoes but I got the stickers for other visitors 🙂

  25. Matthew C

    That is illogical because the host will also have his or her shoes off. It’s your shoes that are dirty, not you.

  26. KeepShoesOn

    How gloriously rude and tacky.

  27. Bettina Howell

    I think its wonderful!! We have babies crawling around on our floors and cannot imagine the nasty things our shoes bring in. Its not rude at all; its loving!!

  28. SKin

    Can anyone please tell me where I can purchase #9? I love that sign…..

  29. melissa

    “Since little fingers touch our floor, please remove your shoes at the door”

  30. Nikki Parker

    Love this! Thanks.

  31. sona

    probably a generational thing. We were never required to remove shoes and we grew up with many babies/children around and we all lived to tell about it. Of course I understand not wanting to disturb floors etc…..but again, people were the priority at our home. In these northern states, feet get very cold! So those that come in high fashion boots (not cold weather boots) are expected to strip and patter around in stockings or fuzzy slippers? That sure brings down a fancy outfit! :o)

  32. sam

    I have small children (daycare) crawling and they picky up every crumb and piece of dirt! I prefer everyone taking off their shoes. It’s a shame the kids listen better then the parents! I finally bought a steam cleaner so I don’t have to pay someone else to clean the carpets. I have used it 3 times already in less than a month. The carpets are horribly dirty even when they look clean.

  33. sam

    Cute! Perfect for my daycare :0)

  34. DI

    Where children are potty trained by simply allowing them to tinkle and “stuff” on the streets, where men often rellieve themselves along walls, where health is maintained by spitting hard and often, wherever you are, and where many don’t clean up after their dogs, where public toilets are frequently nothing more than a hole in the floor, no one ever enters a house without taking off his or her shoes. It’s the ultimate sign that you are crude! After years of this, I can’t imagine entering anyone’s home and not removing my shoes. Asking someone to remove their shoes in YOUR OWN HOME is not impolite. It is impolite to expect someone to break their own rules to accommodate you as a guest. Don’t do it in your own home, but respect the wishes of those you visit,

  35. http://www.petitefeet.com

    Just a thought: A lot of people are not comfortable in your house without somekind of shoes. Offer some inexpensive clog styles for your guests to slip on, we have friends who do this.

  36. Michelle

    It’s nice to see someone who finally gets it! The last thing I need are my small children crawling and playing on the floor with filth and germs from the bottoms of other people’s shoes. It is a health hazard people.

  37. Michelle

    LOVE this saying! Thank you!

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  39. beechy

    I grew up wearing shoes indoors. My husband who is Canadian, couldn’t understand why anyone would wear them inside the house. For the first 14 years together, we lived with a no shoes policy and soon after I felt it didn’t make sense to wear shoes. Now that my kids are teens, we ALL seem to be wearing our shoes indoors and I find it difficult to ask visitors to remove them. (I now live in a neighborhood with people who are like some of the above appalled posters). So after just spending an hour washing my kitchen hardwoods (totally disgusting), I want to re-instate the policy and thought, maybe a sign. I also want to put some slippers and footsies (ankle type socks) in a basket to accommodate the people who are embarrassed by odor problems or are wearing nylons and are afraid of runs. Enjoyed your post, thanks.

  40. rosemarie polines

    where i can buy the item, please let me know

  41. Irene Rodriguez

    If you don’t mind me asking where did you get the “remove your shoes” sign on your front door? and how much? I really like it.

    Thanks ,

  42. Thomas @ Stitch and Frog

    We need to come up with more cross stitch kits that do this as well

  43. Delores Terry

    We just move in a house with hardwood floors through out the house so these are questions: So is it appropreiate to purchase shoe covers for your guest or clean footies? I

  44. Christmas cross stitch

    Those are great. I love adding these touches around the house.

  45. Shanan Schilling

    It’s not rude at all to ask guests to remove their shoes before entering. We live in Alaska and my husband is Hawaiian and it’s considered rude to wear shoes inside. It’s our home and I would never break that rule cause someone felt like it was rude. I have a simple sign right now but plan on making a cute one. Thanks for the ideas! Love all these signs! Thanks for posting!!

  46. Lauren

    I made this sign last year when I was soooo frustrated the kids kept coming in with shoes on while it was hot out, but leaving the door open! It works in the winter too, snowy boots!


  47. allison { TAYLOR MOSELEY }

    I think a cute sign would be, “Take off your shoes and make yourself at home.” Even the cleanest people in the world have dirt on their feet. So, I’m not sure why people are offended and take it personally?? That’s ridiculous and makes no sense b/c its obvious that people just don’t want dirt tracked in their house and has nothing to do with them. The only time i wouldn’t ask people to take their shoes is if its a formal party and people are dressed up. There are 2 reasons I like shoes off in my house and in other people’s house: 1) keeps carpet clean and saves money. 2) It creates a relaxed and chill environment. I will say that I do feel bad for people who have ugly feet. Some people just hate showing their feet, and that would suck, but that’s life. Good friends don’t care what your feet look (or smell) like. My feet stink! Cheers to that!

  48. Pen

    This is so awesome! Yesterday the TV technician went to our house to pick it up. My husbands inside the house and I am managing the clothes outside and when I got in I saw the other person standing on the carpet, WITH shoes, while the other person left his shoes at the doorstep. It’s so insensitive of that person. It’s rainy season here in the Philippines and this is just so disappointing when to scrub the carpet. Thanks for this post

  49. RemoveShoes

    ‘Think of all the different surfaces you walk on getting to and from work or even just running a single errand. On any given day you probably tread on pavement, dirt, grass, and the grimy floors of public buildings. When you return home the soles of your shoes carry in not just dirt, but several pollutants and allergens as well.

    A regular pair of shoes, after just 14 days of wear, hosts a slew of bacteria, including E. coli. In the largest study of its kind, the California State Department of Public Health found an average of 22 pesticides in the dust of homes studied. Another study found that coal tar, a carcinogen used in products like driveway sealant, is tracked into homes from driveways and parking lots. And even though it’s been removed from paint and gasoline, lead is still remarkably prevalent in the environment and can be tracked inside (along with mercury and other heavy metals) on people’s shoes. The buildup of pollutants is even greater in homes with carpeting because carpet traps pollutants and is usually not cleaned well enough and often enough to prevent buildup.’…..I have always asked people out of respect to me and my family since we like to relax on our floors and the grandkids play there as well. I never had this rule growing up, but as I owned my first home, picked this rule up real fast. I dont really like to step out of the shower to step out on dirty floors, thats gross, can we say; GERMS! How about all the public bathrooms you may walk into, then that sticks to your shoes and goes right back into your home, YUCK!

  50. Sharon

    I think it is rude to ask guests to remove their shoes at the door. I do not like to walk around barefoot and I don’t like seeing other’s feet. They all appear cold and uncomfortable. I do not ask friends or family to remove their shoes. I have a rug outside the front door for wiping shoes and one inside the door as well. If they still get a little dirt on the floor, it isn’t that difficult to sweep the foyer when they leave. Please!!!

  51. Vanessa

    Is it weird to have a dog inside my home and put a sign asking guests to remove their shoes?

  52. carolina

    loved your article on this, super helpful and so creative, with the pics. please keep them coming! i really struggle with my room mate who is not the cleanest and tidiest of species… ; ) need to find ways to tell her, in a delicate but yet forceful way!

  53. Tresa

    I ask people would you lick the parking lot at walmart, i sure dont want my 1 year old daughter playing in it. Sometimes people get offended, i offer booties, or they dont have to come over.

  54. Carolyn

    I have so much trouble when guests come to my home. They seem to IGNORE all my signs.
    I thought I would try a new approach.

    Welcome to our home.
    Please remove your shoes inside the door
    We prefer to keep the Dirt outdoors ~~
    Not inside on our floors!!

    I am hoping this one will work.

  55. Katie Klein

    Please call me

  56. Tommie Alexander

    Here’s a great step by step tutorial on how to make a personalized shoe sign:

  57. Tommie Alexander

    Hi Katie! Here’s a great step by step tutorial on how to make your own for super cheap!


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