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How To Decorate a Bedroom for Your Teen {13 ideas}

Decorating a fabulous bedroom for your teen can be a cool bonding activity you can do together.  So here are 13 creative ways on how to decorate a bedroom for your teen.

Since it’s spring break and I’m playing with my kiddos this week, we’re revisiting an “oldie but goodie” post.  This post on how to decorate a bedroom for your teen or tween is one of my all time favorites!

How To Decorate a Bedroom

Take a look at this!! The beauty bar was made from MDF. Check out more pictures here.

Notice the argyle paint on the wall, it’s subtle but gives dimension to the room.

This is a poor quality picture but I love the scroll and polka dots on the ceiling! This reminds me of my bathroom I recently finished.

Teenagers Rooms

I really like this idea of adding a chair rail to the top and bottom of the border.

Check out those curtains, beautiful! I also really like the stripped sleigh bed.

Audrey Hepburn/NYC room

Totally Teal

Pepper Pink Quilt from JC Penny – I love the border and the phoebe lamps.

Here are some fun ideas from Wake Up Frankie.

I love the elegance in this room. I just might have to copy that window treatment.

This wall is amazing!

There are so many things I love about this room! I love the striped wall, the dark colored closet, and the wood valence above the closet. WOW!

For more bedroom decorating, check out the Tip Junkie Decorate site!  You’ll be blown away at all of the amazing tutorials and inspiration.  {{squeal}}  We’re looking for more kids room decor ideas.  If you’d like to submit a room in your house to be featured, head on over to Tip Junkie Decorate to submit your blog post.

If you’re looking for something specific and it’s not there {yet} then leave me a message on the Tip Junkie Facebook page or right here in the comments, and I’ll be happy to find it and upload it for you! {{I’ve got your back!}}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

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  1. Are You Serious!

    ♥ I love THOSE!!! I’d want some of those for my own room! 🙂

  2. Emano

    My daughter is going to go crazy over these.

  3. Milk Mama

    Wow you have a great site here! Thank you for commenting on my blog! I love your blog here. I love tips and deals! Thanks!

  4. Aimee Friedrich

    Love your blog! I’m so flattered that you commented on my blog; I’m gonna put you in my favs so I can keep checking it out.

  5. Chief Family Officer

    I love the argyle paint job! When the kids are a little older and I have a little more time, I want to repaint some of the rooms or walls in our house with some color, and I am going to remember this idea. Thanks!

  6. Anandi

    I *so* love the ‘Beauty Bar’. I never had enough counter space when I was a teen, so having some in my room would have been perfect. Having a full length mirror right next to it would be awesome. Every fabulous gal should have a full length mirror in her room.

    What a fun project!

  7. Jerri

    i love all of these! what great ideas. i love pink & green together!

  8. mckennamoonkids

    Love your site! 1st time I have visited it, but certainly not the last. I am a designer as well and have recently posted my website. Check it out and let me know what you think! http://www.mckennamoonkids.com
    More great ideas for helping teens decorate their rooms!

  9. Jane and Jim

    Thanks for your comment on my blog – I’ve spent at least an hour looking all throug yours – TOTALLY LOVE it!!
    I’m going to add your widget to my blog – soooo cool and LOVE the tips!

  10. gina

    Love these ideas- looking to do a room for my 14 and 11 yo. and they are not loving any of my ideas so far… hopefully one of these will light a fire.

  11. resplendentlife

    This was amazing! Thanks so much for sending this to me!

  12. Lily

    The bedding from Wake Up Frankie is awesome! What a great find!!

  13. Katherine

    I love that Audrey decor. Very elegant!

  14. Monica Messaggi Kaya

    Hi! unfortunately many of the links that go to HGTV gives a 404 error! I would love to see better the room you mentioned here: “There are so many things I love about this room! I love the striped wall, the dark colored closet, and the wood valence above the closet. WOW!”

  15. Karen @ Playdough Recipe

    Those are all really awesome! I should give this link to my goddaughters parents. However I’m all for being able to reverse the room in case of a possible sale or outgrowing the look so too much stuff on the walls or a really hard color to cover just will create more headaches down the road! But, great ideas, they look really really good

  16. Michelle

    These rooms are amazing. I would love to see some ideas for teen boys.

  17. Adriana Benitez

    Great ideas. But I have 2 boys (ages 10 and 11). Any ideas in your files for them? Pretty please…;)

  18. Jeni

    I’m not a teen, but the first picture with the hot pink room is the exact same color as my bathroom! And I have one of those round mirrors (that I got from Ikea several years ago).

  19. Lloyd Burrell

    My personal favorite is the one with Audrey Hepburn in her Breakfast a At Tiffanys role, but then my teen years are long gone 🙂

  20. Sherlin

    Just best rooms i had ever seen

  21. Sandro

    rooms are amazing

  22. Richard


    These are great suggestions that I will have to take to heart for my teen. It’s just a challenge because all teens are so different. My teen is in the scene movement right now, but will they be next month?

    Thx for the suggestions,

  23. Stephanie Lewis

    These bedrooms are beautiful designed and decorating.


  24. sharon

    wow amazing l am defienately going to get a room like that ,those are fantastic designs

  25. flowergirl

    OMG I so totally love number 5!!!!!
    It is like a princess bedroom and I would feel so royal in it! But those are just dreams cuz it will probably be too expensive:(

  26. Kayla

    I love this website thx for putting it up(:

  27. FestivePartyGirl

    We are in the beginning stages of re-decorating my daughter’s room. She wants teal and possibly blue or green. I’m having a hard time letting go of her pink and purple pony room but these ideas are making me more excited for the change.

  28. Lenasledgeblog.com

    Those are wonderful tips and ideas. I see several I want to try for my daughters’ room,

  29. cyndi

    love those ideas!

  30. Amy

    These are cool, but what about boy’s? I have four boys and it is so hard to find anything for them!

  31. Kelsey

    i love the bed sets that are on this website they are totally to die for lol 🙂

  32. Melissa

    I need some great ideas for decorating my teenage boys room…he could care less but it’s also our guest room when we have company.



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