Minion Centerpiece for a Despicable Me Party

Minion Centerpiece for a Despicable Me Party

I was shopping at a party store here in Columbus, Ohio called Smidge and Pinch and they had the cutest Minion centerpiece display which would be perfect for a Despicable Me birthday party!

I just couldn't resist taking a picture to show you!

You Will Need...

  • Yellow and Blue Balloons
  • Balloon Sticks
  • Yellow Gumballs
  • Mason Jar
  • Mason Jar Lid w/ Cut Outs
  • Paper to make Minion
Just a Tip!


  • Step 1: Simply fill a mason jar up with yellow gumballs.
  • Step 2: Secure with a mason jar lid with cut outs.
  • Step 3: Secure Yellow and Blue Balloons onto balloon sticks a push through the mason jar lid.
  • Step 4: Use blue, black, yellow, and red paper to make the Minion, tape onto the front.