DIY Faux Tufted Headboard

DIY Faux Tufted Headboard

This is a step by step tutorial for a no-sew tufted headboard. Get the gorgeous look for less, a lot less! Two twin tufted headboards only cost me $40 total to make!! And this faux tufting trick can be used on a variety of tufting projects!

You Will Need...

  • (1) 4×8 ft piece of plywood- I got mine at Lowes for $7.35. It was actually in a pile just outside the lumber door. Most of the plywood this size is more expensive. If you can’t find it ask a worker to show you where the plywood is that is under $10.
  • Full size Foam Mattress pad- I got mine at Jo Ann’s for $22 (it was %50 off).
  • 1-2 yards of fabric depending on the height you want your headboard to be. I got my fabric at $5 a yard.
  • A Staple Gun
  • A jigsaw
  • Several buttons
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  • Step 1: See Full Step by Step tutorial at