St. Patrick's Day Cupcake {paper craft}

St. Patrick's Day Cupcake {paper craft}

Show your St. Patrick's Day spirit by dressing up yummy homemade cupcakes with a festive topper and cupcake wrapper. They're a quick and easy project using your Silhouette machine.

You Will Need...

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Silhouette Machine
  • Tape
  • Toothpick
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  • Step 1
    Step 1: Bake your favorite cupcakes. While your cupcakes are baking you can skip to step 4 to start cutting your wrapper and topper to save time.
  • Step 2
    Step 2: Frost your cupcakes. I recommend Cool Whip Frosting.
  • Step 3
    Step 3: Add some festive sprinkles.
  • Step 4
    Step 4: Download the St. Patrick's Day cupcake wrapper from Silhouette.
  • Step 5
    Step 5: Cut the image using the Silhouette.
  • Step 6
    Step 6: Download the 5 Clover Shamrocks from Silhouette. Remove the extra clovers, resize the desired clover and cut it out.
  • Step 7
    Step 7: Tape the cupcake wrapper around the cupcake. Tape the clover to a toothpick and stick in the cupcake. That's it. Easy peasy!