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14 Ways to Upcycle Ladders {DIY}


Wondering how to make stuff with things that can be repurposed like old wooden ladders?  Here are things to do with ladders like shelving, towel storage, clothes hangers, shoe hanger, lantern hanger, plant stand and even how to make your own ladder!  You’re going to be blown away with these ways to upcycle ladders.  {squeal}  We’ve taken away all the guess …

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How to Build Shelves {ladder shelves}

How to Build Shelves {ladder shelves}

How to Build Shelves {ladder shelves} Brittany wanted the look of the Studio Wall Shelves from Pottery Barn, but didn’t want to spend $299 to achieve it, so she fashioned her own out of a ladder found at Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Learn how you too can create your own ladder shelves. View This Tutorial

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10 Don’ts When Remodelling Kit Homes


Every year, millions of people carry out an expensive task of remodelling their homes. Frequently, logical and smart people make mistakes that end up causing them thousands of dollars in the process. In this post, I am going to offer my advice with a list of don’ts when remodelling your kit home. Don’t Assume You Can Do it all by …

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How to Cope With Urinary Incontinence


As we grow old and age, our bodies surely and inevitably begin to deteriorate. We lost the ability to do things we once used to and this is just the natural order of things and cannot be prevented. However, this does mean that we need to adjust to the constant changing phases of our lives. Women go through menopause which …

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Tips for Coping with Urinary Incontinence


Urinary incontinence can create a number of issues for sufferers. This condition is marked by lack of bladder control. Patients may feel sudden urges to urinate, accidentally pass urine because of an action like coughing, or may even experience frequent dripping from the bladder. Because urinary incontinence is a complicated problem, treatment usually combines a number of therapies, including lifestyle …

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How To Build A DIY Garden Shed to Store Your Tools


Most of the modular construction materials will be inexpensive and easier to build with. Never let the size of a project intimidate you because the construction methods for this project are not difficult, and you will feel good about yourself once you have finished with it. This garden shed was designed with the idea of saving gardeners’ money on their …

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5 How to Make Over Your Garage Door Ideas


Wanting to add curb appeal to your home? Maybe bring new life to your garage door? I’ve hooked you up with these 5 garage door makeover  ideas that include gel stain, faux windows, faux carriage door, how to add grilles to windows and adding a trellis. We’ve taken away all the guess work on garage door makeovers with these incredible tutorials. For even …

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12 DIY Projects to Make Using Reclaimed Wood


Wondering how to make stuff with things that can be repurposed like old barn wood?  Here are 12 reclaimed wood projects like shelving, coffee table, light fixture, wall art and even how to make a bed!  You’re going to be blown away with these wood project ideas using reclaimed wood.  {squeal}  We’ve taken away all the guess work on reclaimed wood projects with these incredible tutorials. For even …

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10 DIY Projects Using 2x4s


Wondering how to make stuff with 2×4’s?  Here are 10 diy 2×4 projects like 2×4 furniture that includes a coffee table, bench, stools, rolling cart, blanket ladder and even how to make jenga and a phone charging station!  You’re going to be blown away with these 2×4 wood projects.  {squeal}  We’ve taken away all the guess work on things to make with 2x4s with these incredible …

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15 DIY Decorating for Your Front Stoop

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2-34-40 PM-png

Here’s how to decorate your fall front porches perfect for the holiday season!  Impressive DIY front porch fall decor ideas for any holiday budget.  These Fall decorating porch ideas are perfect for a rustic, natural, contemporary or a traditional home! Tip Junkie has over 200 Thanksgiving tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more Fall and Thanksgiving …

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14 Clever Ways to Craft With Copper

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8-32-54 PM-png

How to make diy copper projects for diy home decor that are modern and creative.  These crafty copper pipe diy tutorials show you how to make DIY home decor and furniture.  Some of these piping projects include shelving, wall sconce, lamp, mirror, vase, side table, ladder and even a laptop table.  These tutorials show you just how easy and versatile copper pipes can be. We’ve taken away all the …

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19 How to Make a Headboard That Looks Designer

coral geometric headboard WD b-23-jpg

Making a headboard for your bed is easier than you think!  If you can paint and use a stapler then you can make a headboard.  {{wink}}  If you’ve been wanting to transform a bedroom, you’ll love these 19 free patterns on how to make a headboard!  Each one has pictured instructions which takes you through the process. We’ve taken away all …

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Your Personal Assistant for May {organize}

personal assistant header

It’s time to get organized for May!  Tip Junkie is here to help usher in the last part of Spring as Your Personal Assistant. Take a day and really plan and organize your schedule. Here are some of the things to do! How to Organize 1.  If you’re wanting to be more organized then print off the Executive Homemaker binder where you can keep track …

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