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DIY Necklace Multi-Strand Turquoise Beads

Simple Tutorial on Making a Pretty Multi-Strand Turquoise Bead Necklace

A pictured step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to make a multi strand necklace with multiple turquoise beads and colorful quartz and seed beads.  I’ve got it all lined up with easy to follow instructions to make this amazing statement necklace! Use my tips and tricks to make your own DIY necklace in any shape, color, or design.

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Easy Red Beaded Necklace Design Idea

IMG_0280 – Copy-JPG

I will present to you a very gentle and easy necklace design made with beads, colors and combinations are inspired from a dreamer. The method of manufacturing for this jewelry is simple and economical. Click to watch the video tutorial Easy Red Beaded Necklace Design.

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DIY kid’s felt necklace

DIY felt necklace for toddlers

Simple to make, colorful and cute felt necklace for toddlers. Great DIY project for a little girl and her mom, done with simple suppliers. Girls will love it!

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DIY Felt Diamond Necklace


With a few basic supplies, you and your kids will be enjoying these awesome necklaces! These go great with just about any outfit you can imagine. Grab some supplies and get crafting!

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Beaded fabric covered necklace tutorial

Beaded fabric covered necklace tutorial-jpg

Do you have lots of fabric scraps left from older sewing projects? What to do with this enormous amount of fabric scraps left over from all the sewing that you have been doing? Too beautiful and expensive to throw away, not to mention, it’s money going down the drain. Too ugly to give to a friend, yet you know this …

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3 Beautiful Recycled Paper Necklaces to Make [video]


Recycle paper to make these 3 beautiful paper necklaces! Save the planet AND look amazing while you do it.  Use your old magazines to create colorful, bold jewelry. Three stunning projects in this easy tutorial. They become as hard as wood and so much fun to make. They are sellable too! Can be used for earrings, bracelets, buttons, charms, and …

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