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Lego Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet {planner & freebies}

lego blue and gold

Lego Blue and Gold Banquet just got a whole lot easier with this theme. Here is a planner and freebies that will make your son’s Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet AMAZING. Since we don’t know a boy that doesn’t love LEGO’s, this idea for integrating LEGO’S into the Cub Scout Banquet and making it the theme is so fun! If …

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Printable Event Party Planners for Birthdays! {free}

Free Birthday Planner Printable Worksheet by Tip Junkie_Feature

Plan and organize your own birthday or event at home with this colorful party planners printable worksheet from Tip Junkie!  Birthdays have never been such an easy event to organize at home. The Tip Junkie Creative Community has hundreds of free printable event and birthday tutorials with pictured instructions and tutorials on how to make!  So be sure to search there if you’re looking for more creative ideas. Print …

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Shopping Sales Cycle {Free Printable Planner}

Printable Planner 2.jpg

Save money! With this handy free printable planner, you can save tons of money during the year using this free four page printable planner for Sales Cycles. Click this link to print out the Shopping Sales Cycle for Year, free printable file from my blog. {instant download}

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DIY Wedding Planner


Make your own DIY Wedding Planner for under $10! Click this link for the full pictured tutorial DIY Wedding Planner, it’s easy.

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2014 Day Planner with Free Printables!


Take advantage of the amazing graphic talents on the web and create a day planner for next year in an afternoon. Find all of your printables here: http://gluesticksblog.com/2013/12/2014-day-planner-with-printables-a-giveaway.html

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My Life Story Planner {how to organize your life}

life story binder organized

Looking for a checklist on How To Organize Your Life? Wondering how can I get organized? Then this My Life Story Binder is exactly what you’ve been looking for. A quick way to gather and organize all of your important papers, documents, memorabilia, awards, and certificates and/or journaling for each child filed in one place! Click this link to print …

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Blog Planner Printables Pt 2


I’m sharing my new and improved Blog Planner Printables Pt 2  which includes: 1. A binder. 2. Post Ideas Page 3. Post Checklist 4. Week Planner 5. Daily Reminder Checklist It’s my super organized way of blog planning.  I hope it will help you as much as it has helped me.

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Free Weekly Menu Planner


Download this free weekly menu planner and join TheCherry On Top every week for a new, healthy, fast and delicious menu. Save yourself time, money, hassle and bring your family healthier meals every week.

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17 DIY Pretty Planners for 2014

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 1-08-23 PM-png

Have you made New Year resolutions and wonder how you are going to achieve them?  Here are 17 free printables on what to do in January to get yourself organized and ready for achieving your goals! These free printables include worksheets for weekly and monthly home planning, 2014 printable calendars, blogging calendar, meal plans and budget your finances!  There’s even a …

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Enjoy Your Homemade Gift Planner! {freebie}

Homemade Gift Planner Free Printable

Thank you for signing up for the Tip Junkie daily email, click below to download your free Homemade Gift Planner!  I created it just for you to enjoy.  {knuckle bumps} Now you can plan, organize, and keep track of your homemade gifts and projects all year long! Pop these pages into a 3 ring binder, and this printable homemade gift …

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