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22 Fun Things to Make with Egg Cartons

Egg Carton Roses

I’ve made several recycled crafts and activities for kids using cardboard but nothing like these amazing egg carton projects.  You’ll be blown away by these 22 things to make using an egg carton.  Some of the egg carton crafts include sewing kits, floral arrangements, buttons, activities, egg carton flowers, games and props to encourage your child to play for hours. Egg …

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25 Cute Things to Make for Kids 2 – 12 Years Old

Doll Tutorial

Easy and cool things to make for kids 2 – 12 years old for handmade presents ideas.  These cute homemade gifts include a nerf pouch, monster pencil pouch, ear bud pouch, tool belt, train table, doll bedding and a planket. As always, the Tip Junkie Homemade Gifts site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free patterns for things to make for kids 2 – 12 to Make, so …

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13 Cool Things to Make Out of an Old Door

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12-24-29 PM-png

Here are 13 tutorials of cool things to make out of a DOOR!  You’re going to be blown away with these tables, cabinets, headboards, coat hangers, and even a secret passageway.  {squeal} Cool Things To Make 1.  How to Turn Old Door to Headboard ~ You can turn an old door into a headboard. Learn how to strip old paint, …

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9 Cool Things to Make with Chicken Wire {tutorials}


Wondering how to make stuff with chicken wire?  Here are 9 things to do with chicken wire like lamp shades, cloche, jewelry holder, basket, jar sleeves and furniture redo’s. We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make things with chicken wire with these incredible tutorials. For even more ways to use chicken wire Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 2,000 DIY …

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14 Crafty Things to Make With PVC Pipe

How to Make a Sunburst Mirror from PVC Pipe

PVC pipes aren’t just for waterways you can make unexpected DIY projects out of them.  These crafty PVC pipe tutorials show you how to make the cutest crafts, DIY Decor, and toys for kids.  Some of these PVC pipe  projects include a pvc pipe sunburst mirror, picture frame, wine storage, toothbrush holders, children’s play fort, marshmallow gun, bath toys and a soccer goal.  These tutorials show you …

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10 Things to Make w/ Shoe Laces

Painted Leather Shoelace Accessories

Cool things to make using shoe laces.  These shoe lace crafts include how to make shoe laces, shoe lace patterns, and eclectic crafts with shoelaces. Tip Junkie has 840 tutorials for fun things to make all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more 68 shoe lace crafts with step-by-step instructions. {wink} Things To Make 1.  Painted …

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24 Things To Make Out Of Bathroom Towels!


Towel animals, folding towels into homemade gifts, towel totes, dresses and cover ups are just a few of the amazing things to make out of bathroom towels!   You’re going to love these towel origami gift ideas made out of tea towels and bathroom towels.  They’re cheap, durable, and adorable! Towels To Wear 1.   Beach Cover-Up Made from an Old …

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11 Pretty Things to Make with Cupcake Liners {crafting}

Cupcake Wrapper Garland {Birthday Decorations}

Cupcake liners are such a fun crafting material that is cheap and easy to use!  You’ll be blown away with these things to make with paper that are perfect if you’re wondering what to do with leftover cupcake liners. The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 49 pictured tutorials with free patterns for things to make out of cupcake liners!  So be sure to search there …

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17 Crafty Things to Make with Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle Stick Chandelier

Wondering what to make with popsicle sticks?   These crafty tutorials show you how to make the cutest crafts, DIY Decor, and homemade gifts.  These popsicle stick  projects include popsicle stick bracelets, a chandelier, starburst mirror, food labels, popsicle stick house, puppets and bird feeder.  Popsicle stick crafts are so popular because they are inexpensive and make  adorable things.  These tutorials show …

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18 Beautiful Things to Make with Thumb Tacks

How to Make Thumbtack Vase Fillers

How to use thumb tacks to make beautiful crafts, DIY Decor, and homemade gifts.  Some of the gorgeous things to make with thumb tacks are monograms, artwork, sunburst mirror, vase fillers, luminaries, furniture decorative with thumb tacks and even decorative thumb tacks for memo boards. The Tip Junkie Creative Community has some really fun Thumb Tack crafts with pictured tutorials and free patterns if …

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14 Things to Make with M&Ms

M&M Cupcakes

How to make fun things with M&Ms.  These M and M tutorials include an m&m cake, m&m cupcakes, m&m blondie samoas, m&m bark, confetti cookies, vanilla chex mix, m&m math, m&m painting and m&m science experiments. Tip Junkie has over 15,000 things to make all with pictured instructions to learn or how to create.  You can always search there if you’re looking …

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24 Fun Things To Make With Buttons

Edible Button {how-to}

How to make buttons for homemade gifts, wall decor, homemade cards, edible buttons, and even button activities for kids.  These button tutorials include button art, monograms, checkerboard, magnets, jewelry and edible buttons. Tip Junkie has hundreds of button crafts to make all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more things …

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