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11 Crazy Hair Day Tutorials For Boys {vote}

crazy hair day hairstyles for boys

Does your school have crazy hair days during Spirit Week at school?  If so, crazy hair day for your boys is such a fun opportunity for creative parents to show off and have some fun while creating a moment that will endure together.  Whoohoo!!

I’ve already featured some crazy hair day hairstyles for girls and today it’s the boy’s turn.  Being a mom of all boys myself, I’m super grateful for these creative moms who took the time to share so we can have some over-the-top ideas to inspire our own crazy hair days.

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If you use a colored spiker gel then you can create spikes all over the head for a dinosaur or porcupine look.  I hope these ideas inspire you to do something fun and creative with your son.

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Boys Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Find the perfect hair day with these tutorials for young boys. Hair tutorials for short hair, long hair, messy hair, and more.

1. Pineapple Hair

Luckily boys hair grows fast.  {giggle}  This pineapple hair cut for boys would be hysterical for Halloween or a crazy hair day at school.  It is a bit of a commitment.

To create this pineapple hairstyle, cut the sides and back of the hair super short with an electric razor and using the end cut a diamond pattern.  Leave the hair long at the crown and razor cut the ends so they are choppy.  Tease the hair at the crown really well and then use green hair spray paint.  Lastly, use yellow hair paint to color the rest of the head of hair and finishing off the look.


2. Light-Up Crazy Hair Faux-Hawk

If you'd rather not DIY your son's hair, then this Light-Up Crazy Hair Faux-Hawk for $9.99.  It's a quick headpiece that you can quickly pop onto your head.  This faux-hawk can also be worn sideways for a cool, colorful crown.


3. Lego Star Wars Hairstyle

My boys would love to have Jessica as their mom.  {snicker}  Check out her son's Lego Star Wars death star hairstyle.  Epic and so easy to create using gray and black hair spray paint wand bobby-pinning your sons favorite Lego characters on top.


4. Minecraft Hair

Does your son still play Minecraft?  Mine do but not as much as they used to.  What I love about this Minecraft hairstyle for boys is that you can use the technique for any face or emoji.  I tried, but could not find the original source.

To create this hairstyle, use blue painters to outline the face.  Then use colored hair spray to spray the entire head green.  Carefully remove the tape to reveal the face! 


5. Lizard Mohawk Hair

Daretobeused created a lizard hairstyle for boys by combing the hair into a mohawk hairstyle and spiking the top up.  After spiking the hair from front to back, spray it green down the middle using a can of hair color spray.  Switch to a red hair color spray can to color the tips of the ends of the mohawk red.  It looks so cool as ridges on the back of the lizard.  Next, pin googly eyes to the front and also pin four green pipe cleaners as legs to finish the look.


6. Hershey’s Kiss Helmet

This Hershey's Kiss helmet made me giggle and just had to add it to the list.  This is a great last minute crazy hair day idea.  I couldn't find the original source.

Cut a strip a paper and write "Hershey's Kiss" on it.  Be sure to leave extra room at the beginning so you can tuck it into the foil and it won't pull out too easy.  Next, grab your roll of aluminum foil to create the shape of the Hershey's Kiss.  If needed, it might help to start using a bowl as a template until the aluminum foil is thick enough to stand on it's own.  


7. Monster Eyes

I think using feathers and Styrofoam to create these Monster Eyes boys hairstyle is such a cool idea.  To make this look layer on feathers to cover their entire hair.  This mom used Elmers glue but you can also use hair glue {link at top of post}.  Draw or paint black circles onto the Styrofoam balls and then hot glue onto the feathers.  {might want to do this when it's not on your sons head. HA!}  


8. Little Monster Hair

Some hair wax, googly eyes, and some face paint transforms this boys hair into a little monster perfect for a crazy hair day.

This easy hairstyle for boys is perfect for those with short hair.  First, spike the hair with some hair wax or strong gel.  Go crazy and let the hair be as crazy as it can.  Next pin 2 googly eyes to the front like he's looking directly at you, cross eyed of course. Use face paint to draw the little monster a mouth and hands on your son's forehead.   I love that this one has teeth.  {snicker}

If you like this version, here's another little monster crazy hair for boy version.  


9. Head Monster

This head monster is such a quick way to create a full look that's hysterical.  Grab some plastic glasses, googly eyes, cut out two white circles, and buy an orange mustashe and you're all set. I think hot gluing black fur on each end of the glasses for eyebrows is a nice touch but not necessary if you don't have it. Most of this can probably be purchased at the dollar store.

If you're interested in more ideas using googly eye crazy hair day for boys then click here.  While you're there, be sure to Follow Tip Junkie here.


10. Hedgehog Hairdo

My boys would love a hedgehog hairdo on the top of their head.  {snicker}  Spike the hair up and then use brown and black face paint to draw the hedgehog face and arms onto the forehead.


11. Surfer Dude Crazy Hair

Allison gives a few really cool crazy hairstyles for boys like the surfer dude, rainbow hair color for kids, and bugs.  

It's amazing what spiked hair and a can of hair color and bobby-pinning some small toys can do to transform these three looks into completely different styles.  If you're looking for products then check out this video on colored spiker hair gel.