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Tip Junkie loves to promote creative women and as much fun as it is to feature professional party planners, what I’m most passionate about it promoting everyday women.  So, if you have a party that you’ve blogged about, published on Facebook, or otherwise made public so that others can view, I’d love to see it.

My goal is to save you time, and it occurred to me that a fabulous way to save time is to compile a huge list of birthday parties ideas in one place that we can all go-to for ideas!  That way we aren’t wasting time researching it.  Thus, a Home Birthday Parties for Kids LINKY PARTY!  {{squealing}}

DIY Party Ideas

I want to feature you, the everyday mom trying to create special memories for their children.  Love is in the details, baby!

So, join the party!  Link up Home Birthday Parties for Kids that you’ve created.  Share your ideas and get ideas from others.  It’s a WIN/WIN!

Let’s Really Support Each Other:
If you link up, please take a second and comment on the 2 posts above you!

Next week I’ll be featuring my favorite parties from the linky party {{knuckle bumps}} and then in the next few weeks you’ll receive a special invite from me!  {wink}  

*If your party is selected to be featured from the linky party, we’ll use an image, your description and link back to your party!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
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  1. I was looking for a linkup today for my daughter’s pony party and I am thrilled that I found yours! I love the creative ideas that come from others who are not professionals and don’t have big budgets. The end results are still impressive and inspiring!


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