Guest Posts and Contributors Welcome on Tip Junkie

I am so excited that you are interested in contributing your article or guest posting on Tip Junkie. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you!

Disclaimer: This may seem like a lot of information, but it’s really not. I just want to provide you with the most comprehensive information so that you ensure that your article gets the most traction and continues to do so month after month bringing you tons of exposure!

Guest Posts and Contributors Welcome on Tip Junkie

How to add your Tutorial or Article:

1. Login or Register on Tip Junkie, it’s free of course.

2.  Add your article or step by step instructions by creating a new project.

There’s no need to wait for our approval, simply add it to your online craftroom in your profile. {knuckle bumps} If you need help, I’ve created a step by step video showing you how to upload a project in Tip Junkie.  However, you probably won’t need it as it’s really easy.

Upload your article in this format:

  • Intro: {how, what, when, why}
  • Pictured steps.
  • Conclusion as the last step.

You can mimic these articles as examples:

3.  ‘Click OK to Feature’ and publish.

This will automatically alert Tip Junkie editors that your article is ready for feature.  You’ve done your part and we’ll take it from here.

If you want to make sure that it’s been received and guidelines have been met you can contact me directly.  Don’t forget to add the Tip Junkie link to your article so I can quickly review it. {wink}

Become Known for What You’re Great At!

Please, don’t feel like you have to create original content just to be featured on Tip Junkie. If you want to, that’s ideal but not required. If you have a post that you love and that has created a great reputation for you, change it up by at least 30% and publish it here. It’s a great way to get more exposure!

How to Change 30%?

Google does not like duplicate content and your blog as well as the other publishing site will be penalized if duplicate content is created.  Therefore you can change these things to ensure that all requirements are met so Tip Junkie can help index your article and achieve your goals:

  • Rename all images BEFORE uploading them to {describe the image clearly as if you were talking to a blind robot, in under 8 words}
  • Change the Title of your post or article.
  • Reword the first 2 sentences of each paragraph.
  • Add a BIO {about you} at the end of the article.

Other Tips and Tricks:

  • Combine 2 short posts into 1 long post. {article}
  • Create an in-depth series. {3-4 posts}
  • Embed video.

What Is Most Successful on Tip Junkie?

We’ve found that series work really well (we’d love to have you back!). Tip Junkie readers want to get to know you, and learn all that you have to share!  Here are a few series examples that have done really well:

Making your article “evergreen” or relevant year round and valuable for years to come is the key to long term success on Tip Junkie. Here are some ideas on how to do that:

  • Include Free Printables ~ Use the “file upload” button to add elements users can print.
  • Insiders Secrets ~ these are simple tricks and hacks you learned the hard way which will save reader time.
  • Different ways to use a skill or additional versions which can be used or multi-purposed.
  • How to start from scratch or pictured instructions for beginners.

How to Gain Traffic to Your Blog or Shop?  

We’ve also found that tutorials featuring a main craft or idea that has an “extra element” that can be found on your blog is an excellent way to generate clicks and page views for your blog or shop.

  • Discount Codes just for Tip Junkie’s also do really well!

A great example (and this is only an example) would to publish a post on Tip Junkie sharing how to make a homemade Star Wars costume but invite them (with a link) to get the idea for the homemade light saber on your blog.  A heads up, Tip Junkie readers want to be able to start and finish a project on Tip Junkie.  So it would not be a good idea to start the Star Wars costume and then half way through make them go to your blog to get the rest of the instructions.  They get frustrated with that. However, giving them something new that’s an added bonus like an accessory to the costume ~ is a great idea and we’ve found it very successful to transition Tip Junkie readers over to other blogs.

Posting Guidelines 

If you’re uploading a project into Tip Junkie for your own personal reference then please feel free to do it however you wish. {high fives} However, if you’d like me to promote and feature it then here are some ways to ensure it’s approved for feature.

One Clear Goal:

  • Have only one clear goal when you guest post {or write an article} for Tip Junkie.
    For instance: exposure, credibility, outbound links, expert status, or collaboration to build a friendship.
  • Keep the article or post on one specific topic.


  • Be yourself!  Use slang and let your personality shine in your post just as you would on your own blog.  However, please keep it family friendly and no profanity or naughty innuendo. HA!


  • Please make sure your post has at least 4 images which are properly named.
  • Feel free to link to your Pinterest handle in the Alt section.
  • Watermarks are always encouraged.
  • Never use copy-written images or images that you don’t have permission to use.
  • The more images, typically the more successful.
  • Tip: Please save your image BEFORE uploading it to Tip Junkie.

Word Count:

  • Please make sure your article contains at least 400 words.
  • However, we have found that the best articles are ones with over 500 words.


  • Make your title informative and specific.
  • Tip Junkie’s prefer:  How to, make, DIY, easy, quick, best, free printable.

Featured Image:

  • The most beautiful picture.
  • Preferably square, but any dimension will automatically be adjusted to accommodate the site layout.
  • No words or text.
  • Watermarks are encouraged to protect your work.
  • Make sure you own this image or the rights to use it on Tip Junkie.

First Paragraph:

  • Please make sure your introductory paragraph {or 1st paragraph} sums up what your article is about, set expectations on what the reader will learn, and what’s in it for the reader or why they should care.
  • Write it as if you were introducing the post {article} to your sisters’ best-friend.
  • Link back to any other posts that you’ve already written on your site or your own on words that best explain the article.


  • Insert before and after pictures.
  • Give the reader a guided step by step instructions with pictures.

Last Paragraph:

  • Conclude your article with a beautiful finished picture of your project or article subject.
  • This is a great time to continue their journey by adding a relevant link or two on what they can do or learn next.  Keep it very specific to this topic, otherwise they won’t click.
  • Another strategy that works really well is using one large beautiful image of a related post with text saying, “If you like this, you’ll also love <insert post title here>!” Be sure to add the link on the image and the post title.

What’s Next?  If you’re continuing with a series of guest posts, at the end of your post you should leave a fun teaser for the readers. I love this from Kim.  She wrote,

“Have fun choosing the perfect garden spot and I’ll see you next week for the spell binding topic
of healthy soil…I promise to make earth worms and compost as exciting as possible!”

Wrap Up Series Links – If your continuing with a series, be sure to post links back to your old posts for quick and easy reference for readers.  It could look like this:

How to Garden Series:
Step 1 –  Ground Site Selection
Step 2 – Improve Gardening Soils
Step 3 – Garden Beds, Pockets and Pots 101
Next Week – What to plant in my garden… stay tuned!

Picture and Bio:

  • Make your bio short, sweet, and about what you blog about not about your life.
  • This is a place to go link heavy and link the main words you use on your blog… to your most popular post and maybe even your most popular social media network.
  • The key is to make it fun and engaging for the reader versus an infomercial about your yourself or the blog.

Please Do Not:

DO NOT create this post in your own blog and then copy and paste the HTML into Tip Junkie. That causes so many problems {more than you can imagine} and also messes up the formatting and image hosting.

Never use others images or upload images that have a copyright.

Perks of Contributing to Tip Junkie