12 Trendy Ways to Tie a Scarf [how to wear]


How To Wear ~ A Scarf

There are a variety of ways on how to wear a scarf!  Now that the weather is chilly, a scarf is a fun and functional way to accessorize your winter wardrobe.  Here are 12 ideas how to wear a scarf for winter.

how to tie scarf

How To Tie Scarf

1.  How to:  Different ways to tie your scarf – A variety of ways on how to wear and accessorize your outfit with trendy scarves.
2.  Four Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf – 4 unique ways to wear and a tie scarf to spice up your winter wardrobe.

how to scarf

How To Sew Scarves

3.  How to make a pleated knit scarf – A fun tutorial on how to sew this trendy pleated knit scarf and accessorize your wardrobe for winter.

How To Sew a Scarf

4.  How to Sew a Ruffled Flower Scarf – Pictured instructions on how to-make a trendy ruffled flower scarf to accessorize your outfit for winter.
5.  Women’s No Sew Frayed Scarves – An easy tutorial from picking the right fabric to fraying your neck-ware and creating a fabric flower.
6.  How-to Sew a Scrunchy Scarf – All you need to make them is a flower scarf and some elastic sewing thread.  Because this was going to be a trial run I got my neck-ware from the dollar store.

12 Trendy Ways to Tie a Scarf [how to wear]

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How to Wear a Scarf


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  1. I LOVE scarves. They are definitely one of my go to items that packs a punch with a wardrobe and I LOVE those pleated scarves. I have been eye-ing them all year long. Wonder if I can dust off my sewing machine for this one? As far as the typos…no love lost here. People don’t understand that to put out the huge amount of content we do every day, we need twenty editors, and I don’t know about you but I haven’t even found one yet (except for my readers…lol).

    Love this post.
    I am such a visual learner that I did a “How to tie a Scarf” vlog since I was getting so many requests for people who couldn’t follow my written directions. 😉 It got a little long, but has been helpful for those who need to actually “see it.” I hate when people leave links in my comments, but thought this might be appropriate. 🙂

  2. Thanks girl! My oldest son took that of me after school one day. That’s how I look, when I’m smiling at my son. That’s what I think of every time I see it.

  3. awesome, Laurie! Can I also say that I love the signature picture of you?! You are so photogenic!

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