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  1. Sarah Doyle

    I have been using this same recipe for many years. Here are the “rest” of the instructions. After removing from heat, add the vanilla. Cool slightly then add the quick oatmeal and peanut butter. Stir, then drop by teaspoon onto waxed paper or onto a cookie sheet. Let cool completely, then remove from cookie sheet.

    They are delicious!!
    Sarah Doyle

  2. Comment-Anonymous
    Nancy Offermann

    I thought I didn’t sign in properly to get the recipe…guess not! Please finish…look yummy!

  3. Comment-Anonymous

    Uh, would love to make these but not exactly sure what to do after step 1 since the recipe is not all there…..

  4. Comment-Anonymous

    They look delicious but the instructions are incomplete. Would love to make them for first day of school treats!

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