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November, 2016

  • 16 November

    13 Clever Laundry Room Organization Ideas

    How to makeover your laundry room has never been so easy to do it yourself.  I can’t help but be inspired by these DIY laundry room makeovers and ways to keep your  laundry organized. From shelving to rolling carts these 13 ideas should give you plenty of ways to organize your laundry room. You’’ll be able to make your own natural household cleaners …

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  • 15 November

    10 Thanksgiving Hats for Kids to Make

    thanksgiving hats for kids

    Making Thanksgiving hats is a great activity for kids, a fun way to decorate your Thanksgiving table, and a fantastic way to have a conversation about Thanksgiving with your family. These Thanksgiving Hats for Kids to Make which include Pilgrim hats as well as Indian headdresses, are easy, a great boredom buster, and can be used to decorate your Thanksgiving table or as home …

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  • 14 November

    16 Best Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

    The best Thanksgiving pie recipes are at your finger tips! Here’s how to make Thanksgiving desserts, pumpkin pie, and traditional Thanksgiving pie recipes. Perfect for your Thanksgiving get together, these recipes look mouthwateringly delicious!  These pie recipes from scratch will blow your mind with amazing recipes like pumpkin, pecan, cheesecake and apple! Tip Junkie has 211 Pie Recipes ideas all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make. …

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  • 13 November

    10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Operating Room Nurse Day

    operating room nurse

    If you’ve ever had surgery or know someone who has then, TODAY is the day to celebrate and honor the nurses that work in the operating room! We are celebrating OPERATING ROOM NURSE DAY, and we want you to join us! Do you like celebrating year round? If you don’t like to wait for major national holidays to roll around, …

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  • 12 November

    7 Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids

    Making Thanksgiving placemats is a fun way to decorate your Thanksgiving table. They’re also a great way to keep the kids busy while you cook the big meal. Here are 7 tutorials on how to make your own placemats. Tip Junkie has 108 placemat ideas all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for …

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  • 11 November

    15 Thanksgiving Planning Printables and Checklists

    thanksgiving planning printables

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you are like I am, then you like to plan, plan, and plan some more. These free printable Thanksgiving planning printables will help keep you on top of your game so that Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch (well, hopefully). Browse through these Thanksgiving Planning Printables including meal planning and pick the …

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