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February, 2017

  • 19 February

    17 Easy Sewing Projects to Make

    easy sewing projects

    These easy sewing projects are perfect for a beginner or someone who is short on time and just wants to make a quick project.  The easy sewing projects are so adorable I don’t know how you’d choose which one to make first, though.  Several of these projects are even appropriate for children to make. Grab your sewing materials, you are going to love …

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  • 19 February

    Presidents Day Pancakes

    George Washington Pancake Recipe

    Make George Washington Pancakes for an easy Presidents Day breakfast.  I used pancake mix (we like Bisquick), whipped cream spray, and 1 dark grape. View This Tutorial

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  • 18 February

    17 Easy and Healthy Kale Recipes

    kale and cranberry salad

    Easy to make and healthy to boot, these kale recipes are delicious and are perfect to make anytime.  These kale recipes are so tasty that if you are not a kale lover, you will be soon.  The super green is packed with nutrition and is one of the healthiest greens you can make! These recipes are quick so whether you are …

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  • 17 February

    10 DIY Perfume Recipes

    grapefruit perfume

    How to make a DIY Perfume that’s totally you is easier than you’d think.  Stop wasting your money on scents that don’t smell right on you. Make your own! Once you’ve figured out what you like, you can make, tweak, and remake every time you run out. DIY perfume makes a really fun gift or party favor, too! You are going to love these …

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  • 16 February

    6 How to Paint a Magnetic Wall {toy room ideas}

    magnetic wall

    How to paint a Magnetic Paint in your kids toy room (or bedroom) is a new trend that’s HOT, HOT, HOT! It’s super popular because it allows for a magnetic surface that can be creative and useful. Kids can play and learn on their magnetic wall, and older kids can use it as a bulletin board without worrying about pin holes. You are …

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  • 15 February

    12 Potato Stamp Art Tutorials for Kids

    potato stamp lady bug

    How to make Potato Stamp Art with your kids is so much fun! It’s super inexpensive, creative, and can lead to hours of fun. Grab your child, a potato and paint. You are going to love these step-by-step Potato Stamp Art tutorials so that stamping with your child is easy as 1-2-3. Plus, you’ll love all of the ideas! How to make Potato Stamp …

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