31 Perfect Pi Day Traditions {crafts, food, printables}


Cool math games to play for Pi Day at home or a classroom as educational games and fun Pi Day activities which are perfect to make on March 14th.  

These Pi Day activities include math worksheets, free printables, games, party food, recipes, and fun activities for kids to help celebrate Pi Day on 3.14, which is March 14th. Get it?  {dorky laugh}  Your kids will love these cool math games so create a new tradition with them!

What is Pi Day?

Pi Day is March 14th or 3-14 which is the decimal approximation (or digits) of the number pi.  Pi Day is also a fun excuse for a new activity and tradition with your kids.

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Pi Day Party Food

1.  Pi Day Pie Recipe ~ Use the template with your favorite pie crust and use whatever filling you’d like.

2.  Pi Day Lunch ~ Instead of a regular peanut butter and jelly sandwich make a peanut butter and strawberry pie in honor of Pi Day. It’s a delicious peanut butter crust with strawberry filling.

3.  Pi Day Pizza ~ A pizza pie for Pi Day.  Make a pizza and decorate it with pepperoni into a pi symbol.

4.  Quick and Easy Pie Chart Pi Day Fruit Pizza Pie ~ This unsuspecting fruit pizza is also a Pi chart. It shows exactly what a Pie Chart displaying that data would look like. You can make this quickly with a pre made crust and canned pie filling.

5.  Chocolate Pi day Cake Recipe ~ This yummy chocolate Pi cake was made using 3 layers of 9×9 cakes. Follow the recipe to make your own cake from scratch.

6.  Pi Day Strawberry + Nutella PIes on a Stick ~ Aren’t these pies on a stick adorable?! Make your own pie dough or buy pre made dough. Cut the dough into circles and place the popsicle stick, strawberries and nutella in the center. Don’t forget to add your Pi symbol.

7.  Chocolate Pi day Cake Recipe ~ This yummy chocolate Pi cake was made using 3 layers of 9×9 cakes. Follow the recipe to make your own cake from scratch.

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Activities for Kids

8.  Easy As Pi Artwork ~ Two different ways to turn Pi into artwork.  They’re so colorful and fantastic you’ll want to display them afterwards. 

9.  Pi Skyline ~ Math pi skyline art using watercolors.  Try drawing one with different variations of sculpting with clay or paper piecing. 

10.  Preschool Pi Day Math Fun ~ Use a pie to teach the concept of pi!

11.  Sir Circumference Fortune Teller {free printable} ~ Like a cootie catcher, children will love this game and enjoy learning at the same time. 

Pi Day Math-jpg

Pi Day Math

12.  Find the Circumference ~ A fun interactive way to help children find the circumference of objects using a piece of string.

13. Kindergarten Pi-Day Activities ~ Several simple yet fun activities like Fraction Paper Plate Pies, Circle Patterns, Circle Collages, and Muffin Tin Pies.

14.  Pi Day Sudoku {Printable} ~ A great activity for older kids (or adults), this Pi Day Sudoko is a fun way to celebrate Pi Day tomorrow (March 14 = 3.14). Fun for math teachers or number junkies.

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Pi Day Worksheet

15.  Pi Day Coloring Sheet ~ A Pi Day coloring worksheet that’s fun for all ages.

16.  Kindergarten Worksheet – Pi Day Patterns Worksheet ~ Let your child make their own AB, ABB or ABC patterns by coloring in the pies.

17. Time for Pi Worksheet ~ Help second graders learn how to tell time with this free worksheet.

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Pi Day Party

18.  Happy Pi Day Party ~ Throw a Pi Day Party with none other than pies. What are your pie ratios? No square plates allowed.

19.  Pi Day Invitations ~ “Come to the Nerd Side”, invite your math friends over for a day of Pi activities with these free printables.

20.  Pi Day {Party Ideas} ~ Pi Day is the day that celebrates Pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter. In keeping with the theme of a circle’s circumference, all things round are perfect food choices. You can also find some great activity ideas.

Pi Shirt-jpg

Pi Shirt

21.  Pi Shirt~ Use this tutorial to add the Pi sign symbol and you’ve got the most rockin t-shirt to wear on March 14th.

22.  Math Geek Pi Shirt ~ This math geek shirt is a great option to wear on Pi Day.  Use the free math equation provided to make your template.  Use heat transfer vinyl to transfer the image onto your t-shirt.   

23.  Pi Day Onesie ~ Print the free Pi applique and stencil pattern, cut it out to make your template. Use freezer paper to transfer the image to your t-shirt.  So cute.

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Wear on Pi Day

24.  Pi Day Bracelet ~ Use colored beads to recreate the number Pi for your wrist. The kids can wear and celebrate Pi Day, all day!

25.  Pi Belt ~ Who wouldn’t want to wear a Pi-themed belt on Pi day? It’s the perfect accent!  {wink}

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Pi Day Printables

26.  Paper Pie Gift Boxes (for Pi Day!) ~ These paper crafts pie gift boxes are perfect for all your Pi Day celebrations. Fill these boxes with treats or use them as party favors for guests. You can also decorate the gift boxes and place them on a pedestal as a table centerpiece.

27.  Keep Calm It’s Pi Day ~ Two fun “Keep Calm” printable versions in turquoise and white.  

28.  Hand Pie Box Wrapper {free printable} ~ Use this free printable to wrap a McDonald’s hand pie into a festive PI Day treat!

29.   Pi Day Circle Printables ~ 2 inch circle tag pies that can be used to label jars of homemade filling or as small gift cards with pies you give as gifts. Thanks Ladies! I just adore these ideas!

30.  Pi Day Pie Topper ~ Whether you bake a pie or purchase a pie these free Pi Day toppers are perfect to display on top.

31.  Chalkboard Pi Day Printable ~ In honor of Pi Day, Create Craft Love created this adorable chalkboard printable.  Print and frame it to show your love of math.


More Activities for Kids:


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