4 Magnificent Bathroom Storage Ideas: How to Maximise Bathroom Space

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Are you customising a new bathroom or just renovating an old one? No matter what your plans are, choosing the right bathroom furniture sets are as important as any other home furniture. Adding the furniture to your bathroom can provide all sorts of advantages, from creating a stylish look to adding efficient storage.

However, with so many different styles and varieties available in the market, choosing the right type of bathroom furniture may be a daunting task for you. This article will give you some easy-to-follow advice before selecting the furniture for your bathroom.

Nowadays, homes are becoming more compact. Therefore, space-saving through storage has become a high priority. With the help of this article, you will find the vast world of the bathroom storage options and furniture options.

  1. Vanity Units : Bathroom vanity units, also known as basin vanity units are a great way to maximise on storage. These units can be free-standing with the basin sunk completely or partially on the top of the unit. The vanity unit itself often features a cupboard or set of drawers, making it very useful for extra storage, as well as adding a stylish touch to your bathroom. By installing vanity units in the bathroom, you will save more space than other types of bathroom furniture.
  1. Compact Cloakroom Vanity Units : When it comes to picking out a cloakroom vanity, a compact vanity unit is a perfect choice to solve several challenges at once. Small bathrooms are short on space, so using a vanity instead of pedestal sink gives you a place to keep your all bathroom accessories in one place. By installing a compact cloakroom vanity, you may bring some luxury and visual appeal along with space-saving. You can achieve a new level of cleanliness, comfort and hygiene by adopting small & compact vanity units as bathroom furniture.
  1. Combined Basin and Toilet Bathroom Furniture : This is another great idea for space-saving furniture in the bathroom. These are a fantastic combined option that offer storage with style. Combined basin and toilet bathroom furniture means more space for a bath or large shower for a family bathroom.
  1. Bathroom Storage Cabinets : Choosing the right style of bathroom cabinet used to be a simple task, however, selecting a cabinet for the bathroom in today’s age might prove a longer process for you. There are a wide range of varieties which meet both the need for function and style. You will find a wide range of varieties from contemporary furniture to traditional bathroom storage cabinet designs.


Hopefully, this guide has helped to point you in the direction of which type of space-saving bathroom furniture you can install. You will find many options available on the market. By installing space-saving bathroom furniture, you can bring a versatile and sleek look to your bathroom.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom with vanity units, compact cloakroom units or bathroom cabinets in UK, Utopiagroup.com has a wide range of wash room and cloakroom vanity units which are exemplary in style, function and range. They offer a design solution for any cloakroom, or bathroom. By adding a bit of contemporary and compact styled bathroom furniture, you will give a luxurious look for your bathroom while creating valuable storage space.


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