Easy and Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Low-Cost Ideas For A New Kitchen Look written by: Rohanprincess
Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home since it is where all your food is stored and prepared. You might want to add some interest in the design which probably looks dull and has been there since the day you moved in. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to give it that new and fresh look and you also don’t have to change everything to make a difference. Some useful ideas to help you update your kitchen are as follows:

A Revamping Of The Counters

You will be surprised just how different your kitchen will look after redoing your counters. Counters contribute a lot to the design of the kitchen and they are actually one of the most visible parts of the décor. If your counters are currently just concrete slab or something not attractive, consider something more attractive and durable such as quartz, good marble or something that you consider more befitting. You can also consider laminate if the cost of stone counters is too high for you. For something unique, you could simply ask your stone fabricator for some off-cuts from larger pieces which will of course be sold to you cheaply. With those off-cuts you can still get creative give your counters a fresh and unique look.

Reface Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Your kitchen cabinets can look amazingly new without having to replace them completely. All you have to do is simply reface the cabinet doors. Refacing them involves a simple removal of the doors and spraying them off-site, then installing them back. They will look new and no one will suspect that you actually didn’t replace the cabinets. Before you reface them however, ensure that your shelves are in good condition and that they aren’t sagging, warping or mould ridden. If your shelves are in great condition then your refacing exercise will be a success with a beautiful and new-looking end result.

A Good Paint Job

Paint is powerful and it never fails to make an impression when used correctly. Sometimes all your kitchen needs is a good paint job and some experimenting with the paint colors. Decide to paint your walls, the cabinets and the drawers different colors that of course compliment each other and your kitchen will have that brand new feel to it. What you need is paint and professional to carry out the task.

Get Rid Of The Unnecessary

Sometimes getting rid of the clutter in your kitchen might be all you need to update your kitchen. Do you have too many pots, a sink that is taking up too much space, a breakfast area in the kitchen that shouldn’t be there, too many cabinets and so on? Consider downsizing, doing away with the extra cabinets and getting rid of the pots you don’t use, or moving that grill or charcoal stove to the garage and perhaps replacing that sink with a smaller one.  You can check out the newest sink trends on Sudoper and buy the one you like the most in your local shop. Making your kitchen look spacious by reducing the clutter, will help you achieve that awesome minimalist design that will also make cleaning easier. There will definitely be no nooks and crannies for roaches or worse, rats to hide. There is nothing like a clean spacious kitchen for a change, to inspire great cooking.

As seen above a few simple changes can make a great difference and you don’t have to take a loan to do them. Transform your kitchen by adding that personal touch and with the above ideas and you should be on the right track.

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Full Day
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