How to Give an Antique Look to your Room

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Always needed to design your room such that it radiates antique charm, class and elegance, however figured it may consume a hole in your pocket?

Well, there are thrifty ways to add a vintage touch to your room. The latest trend in the market is to decorate your room with metal, bronze and wooden products so the insides look chic. Unlike popular observation, you don’t have to go to an antique shop to get what you require for your room. You can make utilization of old cartons, bags, wire and metal baskets, and old frames. While antique-looking products upgrade the look of the house, the shade of the paint in your room helps in improving its look. Go for pastel shades, vintage blue and shades of gold. It will also make your home brighter.

Here are a few points on how you can influence your room look like an antique masterpiece:

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Crackle Finish on Walls: If you adore an antique kind of appearance and need to renovate your modern house without losing many bucks from your pocket than Rust-Oleum American Accents Crackle Spray Paint is a better choice to give a dazzling antique look to your room. It is a unique decorative paint which is being utilized to create crack like finish. You can give distressed look to your walls, furniture and to many other things.

  • Step 2

    Antique Cupboards: Forget fancy modular storage cupboards. Opt for wooden or metal ones with rough, antique finishes. You can either reuse old ones by painting them to suit your necessities or pick one from the local market.

  • Step 3

    Astonishing Frames & Paintings: One of the most quirkiest and simple-to-discover props are frames. You can either pick a fancy one to frame your photographs or hang an empty one on the wall or utilize it as a key holder. Victorian style fine arts are additionally an option.

  • Step 4

    Add Rusty Look to Household Stuffs: Just look here and there in room. Apparently you find something and is not of your use which you don’t want to keep in your room anymore, like pan holders on study table, picture frames, lamp-covers etc. You don’t have to worry anymore because you can give them rusty look. You can do that very easily by using Rustoleum Antique Natural Rust Spray Kit. You will definitely appreciate yourself after completing this tasks because this is something you need to use for a classy antique touch.

  • Step 5

    Vintage Theme Chandeliers: Not only a part of star inn props any longer, chandeliers have now turned into a most loved decorative piece. Yet to influence them to mix with your vintage-theme room, the key is opt for simpler chandeliers.

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