How to Make Your Lips Soft, Smooth and Kissable With Lip Scrub

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Every woman desires to have soft and beautiful lips. Many of you say that you want a kissable lips that makes the other heart to beat fast. Not only you want to have gorgeous eyes, you also want to have luscious, pretty and plump lips.

Many research says that lips are the most attractive feature of a woman’s body. It not only make them appear sexy, but also play a critical role for men to get attracted. Such is the importance of lips beauty, thus you need to take care of your lips in any season.

Taking care of your lips start by eating good and healthy diet, minimizing the sun exposure, keeping it hydrated by drinking water, exfoliation process using natural scrubs.

Different types of lip scrubs:

Many of know how to follow the other preventive steps to get kissable lips or to make your lips look plumper. However there are slight confusion about using natural lip scrubs. Here we list 3 natural lip scrubs that can make your lips plumper and kissable.

1. Honey and Sugar Lip Scrub: Sugar becomes glucose thus helps to regulate your body if we eat it in balance. It also as an abrasive. The other ingredient honey is non-allergenic and has anti-bacterial properties.
Procedure: Take a bowl. Then add a ½ table spoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey into that bowl. Mix that mixture with your finger tip. Try to stir it till the sugar is dissolved or halfly dissolved. Then first apply petroleum jelly on your lip. Then this mixture to your lip with your fingertip. Scrub your lip with this for about 5-10 minute. Then wash it with lukewarm water. Then again apply petroleum jelly over your lips.

2. Olive Oil and Sugar Lip Scrub: Olive is the best magical oil. It has moisturizing property, it is non-allergenic and can protect your skin and smooth it. You can also apply olive oil on your face and hand.
Procedure: Here also take a bowl. Into that bowl add a1/2 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Stir the mixture well. Apply this mixture directly on your lips. Massage your lip for about 5-10 minutes, then wash it off with lukewarm water. Then you may apply rose water to your lips, otherwise petroleum. This scrub makes your lips naturally pink. You may also add peppermint oil to that mixture.

3. Coffee Scrub for Sensitive lips: Coffee is always not bad. You may use it as lip scrub. Just ne caution tip, if you feel any type of burning sensation on your lips, you must not use this lip scrub.
Procedure: Take coffee on your finger tip and directly rub it on your lip. You may add essential olive oil or fresh cream to coffee and make a paste of this and after that you may apply to your lip.

Advantages of Using a Lip Scrub:

The above lip scrub method should be done only once a week. Not al three methos in just one week. You must choose any one and try it, in that week. If it show effect for
you continue it. If not you may go for other. Though all the 3 method are good as a lip scrub. They will make your lips to look plumper or to say it will give you kissable lip.

Use it at least once every week to remove dead cells and dry skinfrom your lips, and improve blood circulation. You can mix 5-6 drops of olive oil and 1 tsp sugar and use this for exfoliating your lips. Once you rinse off, apply healing lip butter or your favorite lip moisturizer.

Prevents chapped Lips
Makes your lips tender and even
Enhances the lip color and makes it last long
Kissable lips, lip plumper


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