14 Amazing Push Pop Treats {recipes}


Push pop containers are a fun new way to serve up your favorite sweet treats.   They are easy to work into any party theme or holiday.   So here are 14 amazing and creative ways that you can use push pop containers...

Push Pop

Rainbow Push Cakes From Simply Creative Insanity.  I love these because who doesn’t like a rainbow?  They are so cheery they make my heart happy, and they are not gender specific.

S’Mores Push Pops From Hostess With The Mostess:  Are these not to die for?  These S’mores pops are not only delicious, they can be used when entertaining for both adults and children.

Push Pop Cakes Tutorial From Gourmet Mom On The Go:  These Push Pops make use of sprinkles and I don’t know a child or adult alive that doesn’t enjoy a little old fashioned sprinkled topping to round out their treat.

Push Pop Peeps From Love From The Oven:  I’m a bit partial to these adorable bunnies, and so is Laurie.  They are easy to make, the Spring colors and bunny toppers just scream, “look at me” and then, “eat me”.  I’m delicious.

Blue Candy Push Pops From Karas Party Ideas:  These Push Pop babies are such a great example of all the different things you can fill Push Pops with.  Look how adorable these Push Pops are filled with candy and decorated to give them a whole new look!

Graduation Push Pops From Frog Prince Paperie:  The paper decorations on these Graduation Push Pops make them a favorite of mine.  They look fabulous decked out for the big day and don’t they look delicious, too?

Halloween Push Pops From Procrastination Station:  This mix of sweet ingredients and cute Halloween decorations cement it as a Halloween staple for me!

Kahlua & Cream Push Pops From Grin And Bake It:  Calling all adults!  Who says treats can’t be fun for grown-ups?

Push Pop Cookies From The Decorated Cookie:  Who would have thought that layered cookies could look so cute?

Carrot Push Pop Cupcakes From Celebrate Today The Superchick Way

Patriotic Push Pops From Love From The Oven:  Can I hear a “hip, hip, hooray!”  These patriotic Push Pops set a sweet tone for the 4th of July.

Snowman Push Pops From Our Forever House Super sweet for winter, these push pops are made with premade donuts, making them a no bake treat.

Chocolate Cookie Push Pops From The Decorated Cookie:  I love this example because it shows how simple ingredients can make some seriously decadent looking treats!

Rocket Ship Push Pops From And Everything Sweet To Infinity, And Beyond!  These rocket ship push pops are perfect for a Toy Story birthday party.

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My name is Christi. I LOVE to bake. I HATE to cook. This works out great for dessert, but not so well for dinner. Oh well, I’ve accepted it, and have the pizzeria on speed dial. I love baking for others – for holidays, for special occasions, for gifts or just for the heck of it – I mean who doesn’t love random cake pops on a Tuesday for no reason??? I share most of my baking and treat making ideas on my blog – Love From The Oven. My favorite things are my two daughters, open adoption, photography, Diet Coke, fries with ranch dressing, my iPad, 80’s hair bands, frozen margaritas, sarcasm, Marc Jacobs handbags, rainy days, Bravo on my DVR, hot pretzels at Disneyland, decorating for the holidays, my husband doing the dishes and the distant memory of sleeping in.


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  1. OK… forget my last post. My 2 year old was bouncing all over me and I neglected to see there was a link to push pop containers in the first sentence!!! Figures half my brain was reading while the other half was watching my 2 year old!!

  2. Can you please tell me where you buy the push pop containers? I can’t find them anywhere 🙁 Thank you!

  3. Oh my goodness Julie! How scary. Thanks for sharing your experience and giving us a heads up on keeping our kiddos safe with the frozen ones.

    Laurie {Tip Junkie}

  4. Thank you thank you…for including my rainbow push ups! These are all great!

  5. Just a side note. I grew up eating Push Pops all the way up thru High School. However, never in a million years did I ever think that eating a frozen Push Pop could be life threatening I tell this story on to give you an awareness of the dangers – not to condemn the awesome post about how to use them in different ways 🙂
    At five years of age, our daughter almost lost her life eating one. The pop itself was so frozen that she decided to turn it around so could push the stick part against her teeth hoping to get the ice cream to push out the other end. Well.. it didn’t budge but what did happen was that the stick went thru her teeth and punctured the back of her throat. We all know how much the mouth can bleed, and it was a mess. I called her pediatrician and although the bleeding had stopped within minutes, she still wanted us to take her to the emergency room just to make sure. After multiple X-rays and a CAT scan we were told she just missed puncturing her jugular vein by a thread. The force was strong that it went thru the tissue in her throat, just past left her jugular, continued on and even chipped a bone (very small piece) in the back of her throat. Needless to say we were stunned beyond words. The doctors repeatedly said how lucky she was to be sitting there. We had no idea something so indicative of childhood could be so deadly if used improperly.
    Watch those kiddos eating frozen push pops and teach them to never use their teeth as leverage to get it out of the other end.

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