10 Ways to Decorate with Sheet Music


Decorating with sheet music is all the rage and can be a cheap way to make something beautiful for your home.  Today I’m featuring 10 ways to decorate with sheet music!  These are all crafts you can make out of book pages.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music

1.  Book Page Gift Tags – How to make gift tags out of sheet music.
2.  Sheet Music Letter – How to antique sheet music to decorate a letter for your room.
3.  Vintage Sheet Music Flowers – Create a wall of flowers using sheet music as the paper.
4.  Sheet Music Wall Collage – How to create a beautiful black and white wall collage using sheet music.

Book Page Crafts

Book Page Crafts

5.  How to make a Sheet Music Wreath – This wreath is about 18 inches with a closed center. I am really pleased with the results this time! I finished it off with several layers of smaller cones.
6.  New Year’s Party Hat – Make a fun party hat for New Year’s Eve out of sheet music.
7.  Sheet music print candles – Mod podge is not flammable, so use your old piano music and mod podge onto candles to create your own Pottery Barn knock-off versions.
8.  Make Your Own Key Hanger – I like the sheet music and Typewriter trends out there right now, so I decided I would incorporate all 3 types of keys: music keys, typewriter keys, and car keys.

Sheet Music Furniture

Sheet Music Furniture

9.  Vintage Sheet Music Dresser – I purchased this antique dresser at an auction for $6.00 last fall. The veneer was chipped and bubbled and beyond my ability to repair. So, I had to come up with a way to cover it.
10.  Sheet Music Sofa Table –  Stained sheet music and then painted the table heirloom white by Rustoleum to create this gorgeous second hand furniture.

Free Sheet Music

11. Download Sheet Music from the Graphics Fairy.
12.  Here comes the Bride sheet music (print in black & white)

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  1. I was given my grandmother’s dresser, and since it was antique my parents didn’t want me to scratch it up (I live kind of roughly) So we measured the dimensions and put plexiglass over it. Underneath it, I covered it with sheets of discarded music. Obviously it doesn’t just have to be just sheet music though, on a vanity I was given I cut out models from fashion magazines and out them under the plexiglass. On a desk I used a deck of cards.

  2. these is the very good way to decorate your house and the the picture in this blog is shown is very awesome i like very much i wish to has these things in my house

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